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Tinney, Peter
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Room Set Up
Blanch, Warren
Introduce Guest Speaker
Cleaver, Ashley
Thank Guest Speaker
Tingle, Ross
Room Pack Up and Tidy
Blanch, Warren
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Home Page News
The Rotary Board met on Wednesday night via Zoom. Reports had been forwarded to all board members prior to the meeting to reduce time in the
General Items of interest that were covered were –
 All Rotary events – Fundraising, BBQ’s, Youth, Vocational, Community Service have been Cancelled or Postponed due to COVID19
 At this stage RYLA 2020 has been postponed until August
 Work has been going on in relation to assisting Bobin School with their Fire Recovery, the BBQ has been purchased, Picnic Tables painted, and
bookcases are being built. However much of the work will require further assistance from other members so for now it was decided that no further
action could be taken until after the Crisis.
 We discussed the issue of if or how we did Rotary meeting during our time of isolation and it was decided that we would look at trying Zoom to see
if that would be a viable way to move forward during this time.
 Our exchange student, Anika Stanic is still in Taiwan and taking precautions with the family she is staying with.
 We are currently looking at the viability of Long-Term Student Exchange at Our Club as we need to be able to host an incoming exchange student.
We will be looking for any members who might be interested in assisting with
l hope all is well with our members. It is a most unusual time we are in when we are so used to meeting together, shaking hands and smiling at each other. We really have a great bunch of members encouraging each other in their various services to the community and abroad. The Thursday evening Drought and Fire BBQs in the surrounding villages are suspended until further notice, but the RAWCS bushfire support is continuing until the funds run out. Money for replacement tanks and fencing wire is still available along with the $999 gift cards for those still in need. David Denning, Ian Dyball and I have been busy with the club projects for Bobin school.
Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order, welcomed guests and proposed the toast to RI, The Queen and Australia.
PP Ian Woollard -
 Opened the meeting, welcoming Rotary and Harrington Lions Club members and Amanda Brockwell.
 The President’s Toast was made to married couples but specifically Grace and Ivan.
President Ross opened the meeting, welcoming members and guests.
  • The President’s Toast was made to Max Carey for his continuing service.
  • He welcomed our special guests – Matty Zarb and PDG Maurie Stack representing the Australian Children’s Music Foundation - Richard McGovern from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service who had joined us to receive donations that were made possible by our Golf Day.
Neil Hanington
  • Scientific and Engineering Challenge discussions continue with University of Newcastle. No charge to schools – 32 Primary and 5-6 High Schools.
  • Manning River Speedboat Club Easter weekend Rotary to do a BBQ
Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order, welcomed guests and proposed the toast to RI, The Queen and Australia.
President Ross opened the meeting, welcoming members and guests. Ross proposed his toast to our Guest Speaker Dennis Hawkins from Bushland Health Group.
Combined Rotary Clubs of Taree, Taree on Manning and Taree North have been notified that we have received grant of $67,000 from State Government and $13,000 from Dr David Gillespie to construct a shed for storage of club materials and possible garage sales in the future. D A approved on Council land at Kolodong.
Director Neil Hannington advised us that we have been invited to cater for next Car Show at Cundletown.
Neil also advised us that negotiation are proceding with University of Newcastle regarding siting of Scientific Challenge National Championships.
Director Colin Rose advised us of "Model United Nations" to be held at Bonny Hills.
Colin also told us of progress of Aged Care and preschool gathering to be held next Wednesday with Rock Painting and Scone making . Last gathering was great success so hope more to come.
Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order and proposed the toast to RI, The Queen and Australia
President Ross opened the meeting and welcomed members and guests to our meeting proposing a toast to the Tinonee RFS members attending, who would be presented with a new radio for their second truck. He mentioned Neil Taylor who was presenting his new member talk this evening. Ross reminded members of Marion Woollard’s Funeral at 11am Wednesday. He acknowledged our partner Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo in Japan for their gift towards the Bushfire Appeal, and their delightful Christmas card. Ross also announced that PP David Denning is President Elect for 2020-2021.
President Ross was introduced by Sgt at Arms Warren.
President Ross gave a tribute to past member Barry Hicks who passed away recently. Barry spent time as a missionary in PNG and as an insurance representative in the UK. He held a pilots licence and drove a Brabham Special racing car at one time. He was a member of Lae Rotary Club and Mudgee Rotary before joining Rotary Club of Taree.He spent a  lot of time doing social work in Philipines where he passed away. An active life.
Club Administarion  Director David Denning gave members details of Australia Day Celebration in Queen Elizabeth Park commencing  with Breakfast at 8.30am,  following set up at 6.30am. Award Ceremony 8.35am, Entertainment 10.00am.
Nissan Navara available for Rotary Club use courtesy  Nissan and Mario Tomlin. Contact David Denning.
Murray Difford gave members details of the dispersal of $175,000 of funds from Mid Coast Bushfire Appeal which has raised $350,000 so far for people whose home was destroyed by fire. Appeal in conjunction with RAWCS has set up a depot in Crescent Ave for collection of item donated.
We have approval from Midcoast Council, as of 15th January 2020 to proceed with the Men's Health Van medical check ups this year at the :
 "BLUE CROSS OP SHOP" Manning Street Taree on Thursday 30 and Friday 31st  January from 10am --- 4pm.
Leslie Corrigan is a qualified practitioner who travels the state in his mobile van helping to keep men and women in good health.
Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order and proposed the toast to Rotary International, The Queen and Australia.
President Ross opened the meeting and welcomed members to our Christmas Dinner also welcoming Misawa Natsuko and her parents from the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo, Japan. The family invited members of the Club to join them for a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony in our next visit to Japan, since it would strengthen Rotary friendship.
Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order and proposed the toast to RI, The Queen and Australia.
President Ross opened the meeting and welcomed all members and began with toast to all members.
He then presented to John Roetman and Neil Taylor photos from their induction as members of the Rotary Club of Taree.
President Ross welcomed everyone to our meeting and proposed a Toast to PP Ian Woollard.
David Denning confirmed our program for the rest of the year.
Bruce Moy spoke about a Drought project in local towns to support communities affected by drought. The suggestion was a BBQ & drink, and an opportunity to chat about problems and challenges and share their stories. It has been suggested as a practical way to address the mental health of farmers, their families and communities. DPI suggests it is the worst drought in a very long time. A rough plan is coming together to perhaps do this at Mt George and Oxley Island initially and the aim is to try to achieve that before Christmas.
Meeting opened by Past President Ian Woollard. An apology was received from President Ross Tingle. PP Ian reported that Rotary material had been transferred from storage at Club Taree to a container behind Ten Pin Bowling during the weekend by David Denning, Warren Blanch and Ian. Ian thanked those who had assisted and advised members who may have Rotary equipment that it can be transferred to this container.
Kevin Sharp reported that plans were in hand for the Golf Day on 26 January.
Committee to meet after meeting to finalise plans for Hole in One Mustang prize.
President Ross opened the meeting and invited Director David Denning to report on weekend activities. Rotary members were thanked for their busy weekend with catering of BBQ at Cundletown for Motor Show and for finals of soccer competition. Both events were well attended and total of over $4,000 was taken in total. Over 100 cars at Cundleton vintage car display.
 This was last weekend we will be catering for Soccer this year and members who assisted were thanked by David for their devotion to duty.
Youth Service Director Colin Rose reported that we have three nominations for Public Speaking Competition. They are Adrian Pickerstaff, Paige Fitalan, and Tegan Hinshalwood from Manning Valley Anglican College.   A nomination will be selected for Cluster selection.
Pres Ross opened the meeting and welcomed guests, including Anika Stanic, Exchange student to Taiwan who introduced herself to members. Her mother Balinda was also present.
Community Director Neil indicated that Scientific Challenge will be held next year. The National Science and Engineering Challenge will be held in Taree on 23rd October 2020 at Taree Race Course. The top School in each state together with the top school in our district will take part. A prospectus has been prepared to enable sponsors to contribute to various levels of sponsorship. The teams will be bussed from either Newcastle or Port Macquarie Airports. 0n 22nd October there will be a science and engineering evening for all the schools taking part at the Race Course. Our club will be asked to provide for the breakfast on 23rd and the Rotary Club of Taree North will provide the barbecue lunch. A dinner will be held on Thursday night and all members will be invited, planning is well advanced and our next meeting we be held on 6th November 2019.
President Ross opened meeting, welcoming visitors and Honorary Member Diana Chashchina. President Ross congratulated Peter Tinney on new format of Bulletin. Director David Denning reported on upcoming catering for football over next weeks.
Treasurer Ian reminded members that Annual Subscriptions are now due. Directors will meet with committees at Club Assembly next week.
The Rotary Time Capsule
Kevin Sharp recently reported on the Time capsule which had been stored at TAFE College since it was sealed in 1988. Members of the public and organizations had been invited to place a message or an article in Time Capsule to be opened in 2038. The Time capsule was established to celebrate 50th anniversary of Rotary in Taree. Kevin has now taken charge of the time capsule for maintenance and cleaning and will store it until the Rotary Storage shed is established.
Christine Evensen (Kikki) was Taree Rotary’s exchange student from Norway, in 1986/87. Her host families were Ken and Margaret Patterson, Alan and Margaret Swift (not in Rotary), Brian and Heather Hole and George and Margaret Shreeve. Her counsellor was Clive Norling and her International Service Director was Colin Ruprecht.
Kikki will be in the Taree area from July 18- 26. If any members want to catch up with Kikki (who is now 51) you could contact Brian or Heather Hole or Ken Patterson on. 
President Ian opened the meeting and welcomed members and guests to our meeting. He also welcomed Dawn Beer, Judy Richardson and Heather Hole to the meeting.
The President’s toast was given to Suzie Ploder for all her hard work as Fundraising Director.
Unfortunately our Guest Speaker, Marilyn Sendar, could not be with us for the night due to another late commitment and we will have her back soon.
President Ian opened the meeting and welcomed guest Speaker Graham Taylor. He extended a warm welcome to Brian and Heather Hole, pleased to see Brian well again and back with us.
Board meeting held last week with discussion regarding Think Big Session, details at a later date.
Mentioned members need to contact Bianca to ensure that they have undertaken the Working with Youth Protection requirements. Bianca will contact you as your renewal comes due. Needed for such activities as RYDA and Science Challenge as well as other youth contact activities.
Club Assembly planned for 29 April 2019 and Combined Club meeting at Kings Creek on May 16.
Donation of $500 made to Bishop Tyrell Place to construct Botanical Garden, working bee later to construct garden.
David Denning reported that Football Roster is not required until 28 April 2019.
RAWCS annual fee of $10, many members payment still outstanding. See David Denning as soon as possible regarding this.
Discussion took place regarding aspects of Members Insurance during sporting activities. Bianca helped to enlighten us.
Ian welcomed Rotarians, guests and friends to our meeting.
Guests included Mick Parsons – Chamber of Commerce - our guest speaker, Amanda Brockwell, Brad & Michelle Christensen, Mike Kelly and Artie Hudson – Lions Club, together with member partners, Jan Small, June Braithwaite, Jenny Fisher, Terry McCaffrey and Heather Hole.
David Denning thanked all who helped on the Football Canteen over the weekend. A successful day was had.
On Monday night we had our Rotary Club of Taree meeting at the Winning Post Function Centre, Taree Race Club.
President Ian welcomed all to our Christmas gathering and also gave a toast to our sister club the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo.
President Ian gave his toast to Past President Joy McCaffrey for the work put into producing our Weekly Bulletin.
President Ian also gave credit to the new incoming Board for 2019 /2020 under the leadership of Ross Tingle.  A big thank you to all for giving your time so freely in order to continue to make our Club run smoothly.
President Ian gave his toast to Past President Brian Hole for all the work he has undertaken within and for Rotary. Well done Brian.
He also touched on the visit to Currie Bros last week, noting what an interesting place this was to visit.
He sang the praises of Les Miserable and what an exceptional show it was. We have some extraordinary talent in this area. He also sang the praises of David Denning for his work on set construction, Ashley Cleaver for his amazing photography and Kylie Cleaver for her role in production of this play.
Acting Sergeant at Arms welcomed everyone to our meeting.
President Ian gave his toast to David Denning for his input and hard work on the sets of Les Miserable.
President Ian gave his toast to Ross Tingle who has now taken up the position of President Elect. Well done Ross. Our support is with you.
He also welcomed back Col Rose, Bianca Adimari and Joy McCaffrey who have all been away on leave.
As this night was our Club Assembly night some of our Directors spoke to us on their various portfolios.
 Ashley Cleaver spoke to us on Membership and Public Relations
 Bianca Adimari spoke to us on Youth Compliance Protocols and Insurance. Bianca is also our District Insurance Officer.
 Murray Difford – gave us an overview of where we are at and what is happening in Youth. Particularly where the Youth Ambassador program is at.
Murray also informed members of the Movie Fundraiser being put on by the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning.”Bohemian Rhapsody” at Fays Twin Cinema on Wednesday 14 November 2018. Please see attached flyer.
Kevin Sharp spoke on our Golf Day to be held on 26 January 2019. Please ensure you mark this in your diary to assist with this awesome fundraiser for our Club. Your help is needed.
Susie Ploder also advised that from a Fundraising point of view there will be a Bunnings BBQ to be held on 15 December 2018. Please note this in your diary and lend a hand to this fundraiser.
Members please do not forget the District Governor’s visit to our Club. This coming Tuesday 30 October 2018 (Not Monday 29 October 2018) at Club West for 6.00pm.
President Ian opened the meeting and reported on his attendance at opening of Oncology Unit at Manning District Hospital as part of hospital additions.
President Ian and Dianne also attended concert at Entertainment Centre featuring Manning Valley Concert Band and featuring Mitchel Brown celebrating 100 years of Anzac.
President Ian welcomed members and guests to our meeting, particularly our guests PDG Brian Beasley and his lovely wife Heather. Visiting Rotarians Paul & Elizabeth Tollis, Geoff & July Fuller and Judy Northam from the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning. It was also good to see our friend Judy Richardson back again and to also welcome Ashley Selibio who is a nominee for our Club’s Youth Ambassador position. A bonus was to have visiting Rotarians Regina and Vim from the Rotary Club of Springfield, Queensland at our meeting.
President Ian welcomed members to our meeting, which is our Membership Meeting.
His toast for the night was to Past President Murray for all his hard work with respect to our Battery Muster Project. This Project has taken off and is a credit to all the hard work put in by Murray and his team. Congratulations and well done. 
President Ian welcomed David Denning back from his trip to Kokoda and noted that we look forward to hearing of his trip later in this meeting.
President Ian reported on the successful visit of our Japanese Exchange student Natsuko who enjoyed her time her immensely.

Meeting Responsibilities
Meet and Greet
Tinney, Peter
Meet and Greet Assistant
Tinney, Fiona
Room Set Up
Blanch, Warren
Introduce Guest Speaker
Cleaver, Ashley
Thank Guest Speaker
Tingle, Ross
Room Pack Up and Tidy
Blanch, Warren

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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:00 PM
Club Taree (Taree RSL & Golf Club)
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Home Page Stories
Bas Vlastuin was inducted into membership of the Rotary Club of Taree at our first On-Line meeting last Monday. Bas hold Classification "Occupational Health and Safety" and will join his sponsor Neil Hanington on the Community Service Committee. Incidently Bas is the father-in-law of one of our younger members Mark Drury. Bas' certificate was presented to him later in the week by President Ross Tingle.
President Ross presented our member Marion Tomlin with a Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire Pin for his contributions to the Rotary Foundation.
Since we aren't meeting the presentation took place at Mario's workplace - Mid Coast Automotive Group and of course they observed all the "Social Distancing" requirements.  
Meeting at the Harrington Waters Golf Club.
Our Guest Speaker was Chris Elford who spoke about the activities of Harrington Lions. When the Club was chartered in 1976 Taree Rotary presented a Rostrum, which is housed today and used at the Harrington Bowling Club.
PDG Maurie Stack and Matt Zarb receive a donation from President Ross Tingle on behalf of the Australian Children's Music Foundation program run in Taree.
Rotary Club of Taree President Ross Tingle presents Richard McGovern from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service with a donation.
These donations were from money raised at the recent Rotary Club of Taree Golf Day. We thank the many sponsors who made the day successful.
Neil Hanington briefly introduced Guest Speaker Denis Hawkins, CEO of Bushland Health Inc.
Our Speaker for the evening - Denis Hawkins gave an interesting overview of 62 years in the provision of care, which has resulted in six Independent living Villages – Bushland Place, CC Drury – Jacaranda Avenue, Warrana Place, Banyula Village (Old Bar), CC Drury – Jarrah Place, and Parklands; and 3 Aged Care Facilities – Banyula Lodge (Old Bar), Alkira Lodge (including Dementia care) and Karingal Gardens.
A jovial Dr Colin Rose at our successful "Membership Night".
Ian Woollard, Susie Ploder and President Ross Tingle with new members Ivan Shandanski and Dr Grace Maano
For more photos of the evening click here
Judy Richardson, newly inducted member enjoying Rotary 115th Birthday Cake with Di Rose and Alan Small.
Judy had been a member of Rotary Club Myal Coast. Judy is a trained paediatric physiotherapist and has worked in P N G and is Shelter Box Ambassador. Her classification is Physiotherapy.
TAKE A BREAK ON US BBQ held at Rainbow Flat was attended by around 200 people.Vouchers courtesy of local business people were handed out. Lions Clubs did the catering.
Thursday next B B Q at Wherrol Flat followed by Kilabakh and then Burrell Creek.
Our Past President Bruce Moy with George Greaves from Taree Lions.
More photos in Photo album. Click here.
President Ross opened the meeting, welcoming members and guests. He introduced Dr Grace Maano and Ivan Shandanski and their family and reminded us that Grace and Ivan were to be inducted as new members at this Cocktail Party/Membership evening.
Ross proposed his toast which this week went to Neil Taylor for his great new members talk last week.
Team members from the Tinonee Fire Service joined us for the evening to accept their new Radio that Taree Rotary were pleased to present to this valued service.
Rotary International President-elect Holger Knaack revealed the 2020-21 presidential theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities, to incoming district governors at the International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on 20 January. Knaack, a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, is encouraging Rotarians to seize the many opportunities Rotary offers to enrich their lives and the communities they serve. 
Affected Families of the Manning are invited to "Take a Break on Us". Proudly brought to you by Lions Australia and Rotary Australia, with support from Dillon Rural, Ray White and Natioanl Australia Bank.
Free BBQ * Free Soft Drinks * Spinning Wheel with Giveaways * Hams & Hampers * Haircuts for Women * Water Truck * Jumping Castle for Kids
Thursday 30 January = Krambach Hotel Grounds, Thursdy 13 February = Killabakh, Thursday 20 February = Rainbow Flat Service Station Grounds,
Thursday 27 February = Wherrol Flat Hall, Thursday 12 March = Burrell Creek Hall, Thursday 26 March = Upper Lansdowne Hall,
Friday 17 April = Bobin Hall
6pm - 9pm
A Social Evening. BYO Alcohol. Government Austhorities & Support attending to offer advice on each evening.
Marlee Gathering Wednesday 22 January 2020
President Ross introduced our guest speaker Matthew Peek 
Matthew was a former Australian Ambassador to Denmark and number of other countries Matthew was accompanied by his wife Linda.
Matthew retired fourteen years ago after being in the Australian Department of  Foreign Affairs for over thirty years.
Matthew spent time in New York, Israel, South Africa, Chile, France and Demark to name a few.
Matthew gave us many interesting and amusing anecdotes that occurred over the thirty years he was in Foreign Affairs.
Matthew and Linda Peek, President Ross Tingle, Jenny and Past President David Fisher
President Ross Tingle of the Rotary Club of Taree receives a $5,000 cheque from the President of the Rotary Club of Penrith Trevor Hall and his wife Tess to support the Rotary MidCoast Bush Fire Appeal which has now raised over $180,000. Trevor and Tess were shown many fire affected areas in the Manning Valley during their recent visit and they were shocked to see how many houses were destroyed.
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  • John Ritchie, OAM
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  • Gary Rollings
    April 8
  • Neil Taylor
    April 13
  • Bas Vlastuin
    April 16
  • Sandi Outtrim
    April 16
  • Susie Ploder
    April 17
Spouse/Partner Birthdays:
  • Ivan Shandanski
    April 2
  • Heather Hole
    April 11
  • Dawn Beer
    April 25
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  • Ted Gauntlett
    April 5, 1966
    54 years
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