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President David welcomed everyone to our meeting.
David gave the President’s toast to Club Members Max Carey, Kevin Sharp and Neil Hanington for all their hard work and time given to paint the flag pole in Fotheringham Park. A job well done.
Reminder that our Club’s Change Over Dinner will be held on 6 July 2018 at the Winning Post Function Centre, Manning Valley Race Club. Please note your diaries.
President David welcomed everyone to our meeting.
David gave the President’s toast to Club Member Peter Tinney for being an all round good bloke.
Reminder that our Club’s Change Over Dinner will be held on 6 July 2018 at the Winning Post Function Centre, Manning Valley Race Club. This is just twelve short weeks away. Please note your diaries.
Monday evening saw us putting our heads together to look at ways to increase membership into our Club. This evening was conducted by Alan Small in Ashleigh’s absence and as part of the Membership Committee. Alan commenced the meeting with the following opening words:
President David welcomed members and guests to our meeting.
He gave a special President’s toast to Club Member Phil Streatfield for his involvement with International Service and his work with our Exchange Student Bailee Pinnock.
President David advised that member Tanja Olwoch (formerly Curcic) will be leaving for Uganda on Wednesday.
We have received an invitation from the Probus Club of Old Bar to attend their AGM to be held on Thursday 22 March 2018.

President David welcomed members and guests to our meeting.

He also welcomed visiting partners to our meeting. He gave a special President’s toast to our Club Member Rod Latimore, our quiet achiever, for all his efforts in assisting and helping our Club.

President David welcomed members and guests to our meeting.
He gave a special welcome to Judy Richardson and Glen Stevens to our meeting.
He gave a special toast to Club member Kevin Sharp for his services to Rotary and in particular for all the work that has gone into coordinating and planning the Golf Day which was once again hugely successful.

President David welcomed members and guests to our meeting.

He gave a special toast to member Susie Ploder for all the work she does for our Club, particular in the area of fundraising. Well done Susie.

He welcomed Peter and Fiona Tinney to their first meeting as members.  Peter will also give his new member talk tonight which we look forward to.


It was with pleasure that President David inducted three new members into our Club.
Firstly, Peter Tinney was inducted with his classification being Anglican Priest. Secondly, Fiona Tinney was inducted, with her classification being Business and Communications Management, and thirdly Tanja Curcic was inducted with her classification being Educator International.
Our Club and its members welcome, Peter, Fiona and Tanja as members to our Club and looks forward to working on many projects, events and the like into the future. The experiences and ideas you bring to our Club will be greatly appreciated.
President David with Peter and Fiona Tinney, after their induction as members to our Club.
President David welcomed members and guests to our meeting. As well as a special welcome to our guest speaker Barry Lambert whose topic tonight will be “Cannabis / Hemp – Why has this opportunity been hijacked?”. We look forward to hearing from Barry regarding this subject.
He also welcomed Peter and Fiona Tinney and Tanja Curcic, Chris Olwoch and Debbie Callinan to our meeting as well as member partners.
He advised that there will be three inductees into our Club tonight, which makes this a very special night for us indeed.
It was truly amazing night, and it raised more than $27,000 for the Manning music program in schools.
Organised by the Rotary Clubs of the Manning Valley, the Christmas cocktail party was held on the stage of the Manning Entertainment Centre.
“What a blast,” said Murray Difford, Rotary Assistant Governor for the MidCoast area. “There we are finally onstage at the Manning Entertainment Centre sipping wine, enjoying delicious finger food from Rotarian JulieAnn Booth (Centrepoint Café) and musicians and dancers appear from nowhere in our midst. Just amazing”.
For those who missed the AGM recently, following please see where we currently stand with Office Bearers and Directors for the 2018 / 2019 Rotary year. Anyone who would be interested in taking on a vacant role please contact Ian Woollard.
President David gave a toast generally to the Rotary Club of Taree and all its members for being an outstanding Club and one it is a privilege to be associated with.
David also gave a big welcome to our guests for the evening, the new Rector at St Johns Church, Rev Peter Tinney and his wife, Fiona.
President David welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a special toast to Alan Small for all his help and assistance to our Rotary Club.
David also read a letter of thanks from our Past Youth Ambassador Mitch Brown where he thanked our Club for our support of his project the Hunter Wind Ensemble.
President David Denning welcomed everyone to our meeting. A special Welcome to our Youth Ambassador Marylyn Sendah, her family and friends. Marylyn will be doing her Public Speaking Speech tonight as part of the Rotary District 9560 Public Speaking Competition.
President David then made a toast to our Vocational Services Director Ross Tingle for the great effort he put into organizing our 80th Charter Anniversary night and for co-ordinating and organizing for Japanese visitors whilst they were here. Great effort Ross and team a great time was had by all.
He advised that the Million Dollar Dinner is on target and should be a good night. This will be held on 18 November 2017.
Our meeting this week was held at the Taree West Bowling Club (Club West).
President David reported on the work program at Rotary Park and Director Neil Hannington thanked all those members who were able to assist.
Past President Murray welcomed members to the meeting. He also gave a special welcome to Di Rose.

The Hunter Wind Ensemble event held last Thursday evening was an excellent night. This concert was held at St. John’s Church, Taree. There was an excellent turnout to support the Ensemble. This was a fund raiser to help raise enough funds to help send these wonderful musicians to Spain and Portugal next year.
Past President Murray welcomed members and PDG Maurie Stack.
President David and Sandi together with President Elect Ian and Dianne are at present at Kokoda building a new nurses quarters at Kokoda Hospital from shipping containers. Looking forward to pictures!
Noted that Public speaking will be held in Gloucester November 2, nominations from clubs from Gloucester, Forster Old Bar, Wingham and Taree will be speaking. Also Club has been invited to cater at Quarry B B Q 21 October, volunteers needed.
The Battery Muster is now on track. Club members also assisted with gates at show.
President David welcomed all members and guests to the meeting.
He also welcomed our guest speaker for the night George Hoad – who spoke to us on “Inspirational Gardens”.
President David reminded us that our 80th Anniversary Dinner is being held on 23 September. Please RSVP to Ross Tingle prior to 15 September 2017. Dress: Coat and tie for men and dressy for women.
You can register via ClubRunner or contact Ross. Funds to be paid either direct to Phil Streatfeild or direct credit.
He also reminded us that there would be no meeting on the 25 September due to our 80th Anniversary Dinner being held on the 23 September 2017.
The Rotary of Taree received an application in March 2017 from Bailee Pinnock for the OUTWARD-BOUND ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM for 2018.

Bailee was interviewed during March by the Club’s selection panel and found to be a very suitable candidate.
President David welcomed members and guest, Jenny Fisher to our meeting. He gave a special welcome to our guest speaker District Director, Rotary Foundation – Jo Wilkin. 
The primary aim of the Model United Nations Assembly is, like so many programs of Rotary International, the building bridges of goodwill for world peace and understanding.
MUNA simulates the workings of the United Nations General Assembly by having teams of senior high school students represent a particular United Nations country in debates on matters of world political and social concern.
Students are provided in advance of the topics they are to debate, and must research the policies and opinions of their “adopted” country, which may well be, and often are, very different to those held by the students or of contemporary Australia. Students are encouraged to make sympathetic and informed comments on world issues.
Students are encouraged to dress in the style of their adopted country, and do so with great imagination.

Thank you to Bruce Moy, Max Carey, Ian Woollard, Warren Blanch, Ross Tingle, Murray Difford, Mark Drury and David Denning for all their hard work.
A big thanks to Mark Drury for providing the 40 Tallowwood trees, water tanker and plastic covers and to Max and Valley Industries for the 50 stakes. Of course an equally big thanks to the children from MVAC School.
President David welcomed members and guests to the meeting.
He extended a warm welcome to our special guests for the night DG Bob Ryan and his wife Margaret.
Sergeant at Arms, Warren Blanch, made the toasts to Rotary, Australia and the Queen.
President David welcomed members and Guests to the meeting.
He extended a warm welcome to our guest Speaker for the night PDG Maurie Stack.
He advised that today he, Kevin Sharp and Bruce Moy painted the demountable at Manning Valley Anglican College. It is hoped that this will be completed tomorrow.

President Murray welcomed all members to the meeting and especially two Rotarian guests –

Ken and Julie Hatfield – RC Darwin Sunrise, NT

Johnnie and Janet Hall – RC Cookeville, Tennessee, USA.



Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting by leading the invocation and toasts.
President Murray Difford gave his toast to the Golf Committee for their excellent work on the Golf Day. Murray also welcomed our guests and Rotarians to the meeting.
President Murray read a letter from Blandia Allen. She is excited to start her university life after her year of community service. Blandina thanked the Rotary Club of Taree for supporting her studies and her success.
Acting Sergeant at Arms Ian Woollard commenced the meeting by welcoming our guests and leading the invocation and toasts.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians and guests and gave apologies for those who could not be with us. Murray acknowledged the hard work of several Rotarians who, with much effort, installed recycled seating at Manning Valley Anglican College.
President Murray opened the meeting at 6:40pm as directed by time-keeper Herb Beer.
Director David Denning advised that the banners for Golf Day on Australia Day are being collected and would be erected at Golf Club at 8 am Wednesday. Benches supplied by Council will be installed at Manning Valley Anglican College on Thursday at 8.30 am. All welcome to assist.
The next BBQ at Bunnings will be Saturday February 11, volunteers are needed.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts. President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting.

David Denning reminded us of the visit by Steer North and the Christmas party next Tuesday. We will be providing a BBQ Lunch for the riders upon their arrival at 1pm at Harry Bennet Park. We will then collect our billets from the Racecourse at 3:30pm. Please advise your attendance at the Christmas party to David before Wednesday morning. Several Rotarians have volunteered to host the riders for the night.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts. President Murray gave his President’s toast to the partners of Rotarians.
President Murray gave an update on John Doust whose health has deteriorated.
Sergeant at Arms Herb Beer commenced the meeting with a toast to the Commonwealth of Australia. President Murray welcomed visitors to the meeting including District Governor Ian Jackson and his wife Barbara.
President Murray advised that he recently visited John Doust who is not well. Murray encouraged us to take the time to visit John.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts. President Murray welcomed back those who had travelled to Okayama-Chuo. Murray thanked the delegates for representing us so well. He also welcomed back Brian Hole who has been away for several weeks; Peter Sharp, son of Kevin Sharp, and guest speaker Ken Gouldthorp. President Murray also welcomed visiting rotarian Karenne Norling.
President Murray opened meeting and welcomed those members present and particularly a number of partners.
Secretary Joy reminded members that there would be no meeting next Monday night as meeting has been transferred to School Spectacular at Entertainment Centre on Thursday night 27 Oct. Tickets are still available and Joy reminded members who have raffle books to please return them to her.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting with the Rotary invocation and toasts. President Murray welcomed Rotarians and a number of partners to the meeting. The President’s toast this week was to all those Rotarians who gave up their time over the last few weeks at Old Bar Festival, Bunnings and the Taree Show.
President Murray advised of the passing of Rotarian Robert Keene yesterday. Murray visited Robert last week and he appeared to be well but unfortunately his health
deteriorated over the weekend. Murray has been in contact with Robert’s family and Rotarians will be updated on the funeral arrangements.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting with the Rotary invocation and toasts.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians and a number of guests to the meeting including our Youth Ambassador Mitchell Brown.
Phil Streatfeild reminded us of the Christmas Cake orders. Order forms were distributed at the meeting. Please get your orders to Phil by the end of October.
Phil advised that Kim Saville, Director of School of St Jude and Assistant to Gemma Sisia, will be guest speaker at one of our meetings in the coming months.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians and guests to the meeting. Murray advised Rotarians that as part of our Youth program, four nominations had been received 
for RYAG Dairy which will be held in the first week of October.
The meeting was commenced with the invocation and toasts by Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch. President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting along with guests of our speaker Sandra Fishwick, Jamil Ammad, Judy Kempers and Dawn Beer. Murray indicated apologies from those who could not be with us.
The meeting was commenced with the invocation and toasts by Sergeant at Arms Herb Beer. President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting. Murray indicated apologies from those who could not be with us.
President Murray encouraged Rotarians to attend the Cote D’Ivoire Dinner Fundraiser. Please advise David Denning if you would like to attend. Murray has set the 
goal for our club to occupy at least one table at the event.
The meeting was commenced with the invocation and toasts by Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch.

President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting along with guest Rotarian Judy Richardson. Murray indicated apologies from those who could not be with us.
Murray congratulated Ashley Cleaver on his wedding this coming weekend.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting and invited club to divide into membership cell groups of five as shown on Roster distributed by Ashley Cleaver. Ashley identified loss of Rotary members Australia wide and indicated members needed to redress this situation.
The meeting was commenced with invocation and toasts by acting Sergeant At Arms Herb Beer.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting including honorary member Stephen Bromhead and David Carroll, partner of Rotarian Bianca Adimari. President Murray advised of several apologies from those who could not be with us tonight.
The meeting was commenced with invocation and toasts by Warren Blanch.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians to the meeting including Mark Drury who has been away for a few weeks.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts.
President Murray welcomed back Brian Hole after his recent travels. He also welcomed Neil Hannington who has been away for a few weeks. President Murray 
gave a special welcome to soon to be Rotarian Charles Euchu and our guest speaker Brad Christensen.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch commenced meeting with the invocation and toasts.
President Murray welcomed our guest Charles Euchu, guest speaker Sandra Langford and her husband Alan, and partners of Rotarians.
President Murray read a letter from Blanda Allen from the School of St Jude thanking us for our support.
President Murray advised that the Rotary Club of Old Bar are having their changeover on 2 August at Club Old Bar at 6pm. Murray encouraged all the members of the Rotary Club of Taree to join the members of the Old Bar Club at their changeover.
Elizabeth Kempers reminded us of the next vocational visit to the Art Gallery on 1 August. Please indicate on the club website calendar of your attendance.
David Denning reminded us of the programs for the upcoming meetings.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch raised some revenue from Rotarians with a quick fine session and a joke thrown in.
President Murray opened the meeting and thanked those who attended B B Q and Ten Pin Bowling Night. Phil Streatfeild was congratulated on his bowling prowess and presented with a trophy by President Murray.
President Murray advised that the CCTV project continues to be negotiated with Council and Police. He also reminded Rotarians that membership fees are now due. The annual fee is $240 and invoices have been emailed to Rotarians. Payment is to be made to the General Account BSB 032 587 Acc 108 163. Please advise Treasurer Les Hogarth of your remittance.
The meeting was commenced with the invocation and toasts to Rotary International and Australia by Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch. President Murray gave his President’s toasts to all Rotarians for attending the meeting on a cold winter night. Murray welcomed Saeed Sadiq to his first meeting as a Rotarian along with Honorary Rotarian Stephen Bromhead. Murray also welcomed guest Charles Echue and soon to be inducted guest Bianca Adimari.
The meeting was commenced with the invocation and toasts to Rotary International and Australia by Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch.
President Murray welcomed Rotarians, their partners and guests to the meeting. Murray also welcomed our guest speaker Rachel Piercy from the Manning Regional Art Gallery.
Neil Hanington advised that the Golf Day committee will be meeting after the night’s meeting to begin planning for the Australia Day event.
When John left school, one his first jobs was at the Manning River Times, from which he retired 48 years later. He started as an apprentice hand and machine compositor on August 5th 1946, in the days of hot metal typesetting. Within two weeks of completing his apprenticeship, he was made foreman and press operator, a position he held for 20 years
Diana Rose was educated at PLC in Pymble, and attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Sydney University. In 1972 she married long time friend, Colin Rose, and after 2 years overseas, they moved to Taree where Colin joined an established Taree Medical Practice. From the outset, Diana became actively involved with the administration/business side of the practice, and indeed in our local community.
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts.
Past President Laurie Easter was acting President for this week with Mark Drury away for work commitments. Laurie welcomed our guest speakers, Leah Walker and Michael Dumas, along with a couple of prospective members, Saeed and Bianca.
President Mark welcomed our guests including our guest speaker Rotary Exchange Student Gina Held. Mark also welcomed Joy McCaffrey who has recently return from an overseas holiday.
President Mark reminded Rotarians of the club and district changeovers. Details are in this bulletin. If you have not advised your attendance of the club changeover by now then please do so immediately. David Denning is the person to speak to.
Our larger than usual meeting was commenced by Les Hogarth with the Rotary invocation and toasts.
PDG Brian Beasley was called upon to toast Rotary International. Brian pointed out that Rotarians are the facilitators and this meeting was a good example.
President Mark Drury welcomed visitors including special guests Dr Ken Henry and his wife Naomi, DG Maurie Stack and his wife Dee and Stephen Bromhead MP. Mark also welcomed members of the Rotary Clubs of Taree, Taree on Manning, Taree North, Gloucester, Wingham, Great Lakes and Myall Coast.
President Mark mentioned the Youth Exchange Program. We have five students who will need hosting. See Murray Difford for details.
President Mark Drury gave a special welcome to Stephen Bromhead along with partners and members. Mark advised that our scheduled guest speaker was unable to attend due to a family crisis and that two of our members would speak instead.
President Mark advised that the fundraising dinner at Centrepoint which had been postponed is to be held on 17 December 2016. More details will be provided closer to the event. President Mark displayed the first draft of the club brochure which has been developed over the previous few months. Mark acknowledged the work of Alan small with this.
Sergeant at Arm s Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts. President Mark gave the President’s Toast to Neil Hanington for all his hard work associated with the Science and Engineering Challenge.
President Mark gave a big welcome to Ralph Godwin who has been away for several weeks due to ill health.
President Mark opened the meeting with Toasts to Rotary International, Australia and the Queen for her ninetieth birthday Our guest speaker Russell Ingram was welcomed and a guest of Susie Ploder. An apology from Mitch Brown was read.
The arrangements for the Changeover Dinner were discussed and a fun night with a difference is planned. Invites to be finalised this week. President Mark then covered the meeting winter start time of 6.30pm. The hospital kit fundraiser, the Produce Dinner, raised nearly $1500.00 and the stock of hospital kits should be sufficient for the next 12 months. The visit by Dr Ken Henry was discussed and invitations were to be prepared by David Fisher. It is to be a partners night and agreed that other Rotary clubs would also be invited. Business leaders would also be invited.
President Mark opened the meeting with a President’s toast to DG Maurie Stack for a superb District Conference and celebration last weekend. Mark welcomed our guests and partners to the meeting.
President Mark gave a conference report and noted the very active membership of our club in participating in all of the conference duties and activities.
The meeting was commenced with the toast and invocation by Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth. President Mark gave the President’s Toast to Ross Tingle for his work in organising the hosting of the incoming GSE team.
President Mark welcomed our guest speaker Raphael McGowan and guests Judy Richardson and Herb Kopp. Herb is from Barrhead, Canada and hosted Mark during his GSE visit to Canada.
Past President Joy McCaffrey chaired the meeting in the absence of President Mark Drury.
Secretary Murray reported on Rotary International Child Protection Policy and was nominated as our delegate to confirm our agreeing to R I Policy for working with children.
Secretary Murray also reported we have nominated for four awards at Conference Community Service, Public Relations, Bulletin and Significant Events.
Rotary Club Okayama Chua is celebrating its 30th Anniversary.
It is suggested that some Rotarians from Taree may like to visit Okayama again to renew previous acquaintances.
Suggested date is October 13 for a week and to undertake some local touring as opposed to more extensive and expensive tours.
Cost of trip and accommodation is estimated at $2000 with additional for touring.
Alan Small and Ross Tingle enlarged on their experiences of previous trips and indicated the friendly and helpful attitude of people in Okayama, not only in Rotary Club. They have all continued to communicate with friends made during previous trips. Their talk was illustrated by beautiful collection of pictures from Japan.
Any Rotarians interested should indicate to Herb Beer their interest.
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the toasts. President Mark Drury gave his President’s toast to David Denning for his work in organising our meetings, vocational visits and special events.
President Mark welcomed our guest District Governor Maurie Stack.
The Meeting was opened by Past President Joy McCaffrey in absence of President Mark. Being a Club Assembly PP Joy called on Directors to present their reports on forthcoming activities.
The meeting was commenced with the  Toasts and Invocation by our Sergeant at  Arms Les Hogarth President Mark  welcomed our guest speaker Kevin Carter.
Mark advised that paper forms have been  circulated for the District Conference  Registration. The registration forms and  money need to be given to Murray Difford  by the end of the month. Alternatively you  can register online on the District website.  
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth opened our International night with toasts and the Rotary Invocation.
President Mark Drury gave his President’s toast to the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo. President Mark welcomed PDG Jo Wilkin and her husband Lindsay and our Guest Speaker Father George. Mark also welcomed guests, Ed Trotter and Jamil Ahmad, along with partners of Rotarians.
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth opened the meeting with toasts and the invocation. Les introduced our Guest President Paul Tollis from the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning.
President Paul encouraged Rotarians to register for the District Conference to be held in April this year. 
Maurie encouraged us to register for the District Conference in Taree on 15th to 17th April.  

He also invited us two other events:
  • The Taree on Manning Rotary Club Ball on the 21st May at Centrepoint Arcade. Tickets are $50 per head and it is BYO Food and Drinks. Funds will go towards developing toilet blocks in market places and town centres in developing parts of Africa.  The aim is to raise AUD$10,000 which will pay for 8 toilet blocks in 8 marketplaces  in cooperation with local Rotary Clubs.
  • The Rotary Club of Taree on Manning will be showing a film set on Tanna Island at the MEC on Monday 11th April. Tickets will be available from the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning and funds raised will  go to RAWCS projects on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. 
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth opened the  meeting with toasts and the invocation. President Mark gave a President’s toast to  Kevin Sharp for all his efforts in organising  the Golf Day.
President Mark welcomed our guest speaker Ben Straub, DG Maurie Stack and Brian Blissett who was a guest of Laurie Easter.
Mark advised that the Youth services  committee met prior to tonight's meeting. RYDA and Science & Engineering challenge is continuing under Neil’s stewardship. Mark would like us to participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. More information in headline story or events.
President Mark noted that there are some concerns about meetings running overtime. Mark advised that he aims to have the meeting closed by 8pm but occasionally, due  to our program, they may run overtime.
A full update on the CCTV program will be  given next week.    
A very pleasant summer evening was enjoyed by 32 members and guests at the Tinonee Museum. Thanks to the organiser Elizabeth Kempers. The museum, at the present site, was opened on 18 October 2008, specialising in local history.
Items restored and others in the process of restoration include : The flag Pole originally from the tugboat “John Gollan”, the Punt Boom Gate Pulley Wheel, restored by our member Ross Tingle, Original Police horse Stables and a horse dray awaiting restoration together with the original Police Cell. 
A lively croquet session was enjoyed by all in the summer heat! Instructed by a number of members from the Taree Croquet, Club Rotarians launched themselves onto the greens and played with verve and gusto!
The end of play came far too quickly and with thirsts quenched by pink lemonade provided by the croquet ladies, we took shelter in the shade for fellowship and a
most delightful supper.
President Mark Drury gave his President’s toast to Joy McCaffrey for her pivotal role with ACMF locally and successfully organising the cocktail party last week. President Mark gave a special welcome to our guest speakers John Surtes and Craig Colvin. 
Mark reported that we have received some correspondence from the Okayama club regarding a proposed exchange in the coming 12 months.
President Mark Drury gave his President’s toast to Liz Kempers for her work in organising the vocational visits over the last month.
President Mark gave a warm welcome to our guest speaker, Ron Posselt.
President Mark advised that the official opening of the exercise equipment will be on January 12. 
This meeting was our Vocational Visit to the Old Bar Men’s shed. Following the vocational visit we gathered at Club Old Bar for our meeting with guests from Old Bar Men’s Shed and the Rotary Club of Old Bar. 
Last Monday night, a cool yet sultry evening saw the arrival of the ‘boat people’ at the dock on Taree’s waterfront. Lead by the inimitable Captain “Jack’ Sparrow, the pirates of the Manning had just travelled the oceans to arrive at a safe haven. Rescued by the State Emergency Service, all these unfortunate souls arrived with humour intact. Strange as that may seem. 
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts.
President Mark gave his Toast to the people of Paris following the tragic events of the weekend.
Max Carey updated us on the Rotary memorabilia and records he collected from the office of Geoff Whatman. Max is in the process of organsing these items to determine what needs to be kept and what needs to be disposed. 
President Mark welcomed all Rotarians to the meeting.
President Mark reminded us of the premiere of the next James Bond movie “Spectre” this Thursday at 6:30pm. The cost is $20 and we need as many people to attend for movie premiere’s to remain a future fundraising option. 
Acting Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts.
President Mark welcomed all Rotarians and our guests Ken and Marney Johnson. 
Acting Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts.
President Mark Drury gave the President’s Toast to Ian Dyball for his excellent work as club trainer and his role as facilitator for last week’s visioning exercise.
Acting Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth commenced the meeting with the invocation and toasts.
President Mark Drury gave the President’s Toast to Ted Gauntlett for his years of service at the door.
President Mark Drury welcomed Past District Governor Neville Parsons who was present to facilitate the visioning process.
President Mark reported on the Rotary Muster at Tamworth. Bruce Moy, Murray Difford and Mark attended and found the weekend positive and productive.
The premiere of “Bridge of Spies” will be on this Thursday 21 at Fay's Cinema. See Susie for tickets ($20). Canapes will be served at 5:45 pm and all proceeds go towards the End Polio campaign.
Acting Sergeant at Arms Ian Woollard commenced the meeting with toasts to Australia and Rotary International. President Mark Drury welcomed Rotarians
to this week’s meeting.
President Mark advised that the exercise equipment is now completed and is already getting used by the local community. Markalso thanked Murray Difford for acting as President last week.
Acting President Murray Difford welcomed Rotarians to this week’s meeting.

Assistant District Governor Bruce Moy spoke of the recent cluster meeting where planning has commenced for a Local Produce Breakfast to be organised by the
Taree Rotary clubs at the District Conference next year.
President Mark Drury welcomed Rotarians and guests to this week’s meeting. A special welcome was given to our public speaking competition participants Macey Browne and Crystal Nolan along with their mother and grandmother. Theresa Llyod, a teacher from Manning Valley Anglican College was also welcomed as well as our adjudicator, Robert Weller.
The winner of the Public Speaking competition will present at our meeting in two week’s time.
President Mark advised that last week’s meeting raised $390 for the Biripi dancers. Mark also advised on progress of the CCTV program with testing of the camera system underway. Progress has been slowed with a workplace accident involving the contractor.
President Mark Drury welcomed Rotarians and guests to this week’s meeting including Mark Searles and Anita Su. A President’s toast was given to Peter McKay for his work on the bulletin.
President Mark Drury welcomed Rotarians and guests: Judy Richardson and Karenne Norling.
President Mark advised that organisers of the Old Bar Festival are looking for volunteers to direct traffic for car parking. This will be on Saturday 3 October. We also
have a Bunnings BBQ on the same weekend so our resources will be stretched but both ventures have the potential to be good fund-raisers for our club. Please consider if you can help with either of these activities.
This week’s meeting was chaired by Murray Difford who stood in for President Mark Drury who was ill. Sergeant at Arms, Les Hogarth, led toasts to the Commonwealth of Australia and Rotary International.
Acting President Murray Difford advised of the vandalism to the Lone Pine at Rotary Park (further details below). Murray also advised that we have been asked to man the gates at this year’s Taree Show on the weekend of the 10th and 11th October. 
Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth called the meeting to order with the Rotary Invocation. President Mark Drury gave a Presidents toast to Ashley Cleaver. Mark thanked Ashley for his photography and media work especially in the last weeks with the CCTV program. President Mark welcomed back Debbie Purse and John Doust who have both been away for a while.
President Mark advised that construction of the CCTV network has commenced. Workers were in the main street today installing the system. Mark commented that he was impressed by the equipment and its capabilities. 
President Mark welcomed members and our guest speaker, Peter Johnson, to the meeting.
Mark advised Rotarians that there will be extensive media coverage of the CCTV project in the coming week. The contracts for construction of the CCTV network have been signed and our club will be responsible for managing the infrastructure for the next 5 years. 

Dear All at Rotary Club of Taree,

Greetings from St Jude’s!

We are delighted to be writing to you with some very exciting news regarding Blandina Allen Msumary and her Form 6 National Examination results.


President Mark welcomed members and our guest speaker, Megan Lewis, to the meeting. Mark also thanked Ross Tingle for the bespoke Rotary clock that he has produced for our meetings.
President Mark advised that there will be a Youth Summit in Seoul as part of the International Conference in late May next year. We can send 5 young people from this district. They will get free accommodation and our district has agreed to subsidise their transport and registration. Put your thinking caps on and nominate someone by 31 August 2015. See Murray for an application form. 
President Mark Drury welcomed all Rotarians to the meeting including District Governor Maurie Stack. This week’s meeting was a Club Assembly hence there was no guest speaker.
President Mark advised that new Rotary badges are being ordered. It was agreed that the club would purchase partners badges for members whose partners were currently ‘badgeless’. Members are to advise Murray on this. 
President Mark Drury welcomed all to the first meeting of his year.
Secretary Murray Difford reported on correspondence received including a fundraiser to be held by the Rotary Club of Old Bar for Old Bar Public School on 28th July. The Rotary Club of Taree North are holding a Christmas in July on 29th July. We received a letter of thanks from the Anglican Church of Taree for the donated BBQ. 
President Laurie welcomed all to his last regular meeting as President. A special welcome was extended to guest Dylan George.
Laurie requested two more volunteers for tomorrow’s RYDA program at Taree Racecourse. Volunteers were confirmed for the RYDA program next Tuesday and
Thursday. Those who are assisting need to arrive at 8:45am.
The CCTV program is progressing well. A preferred contractor has been selected and is visiting Taree shortly.
David Denning advised that work on the exercise equipment at Taree Recreation Ground will commence this week. Several Rotarians volunteered for this Thursday to assist in setting out with work commencing at 7am. Further names were taken for next Monday to commence construction of the form work (starting time 8am).
John Doust advised that he has some books relating to the early years of the Rotary Club of Taree from 1937. Warren Blanch has offered to collect this memorabilia for storage. Sergeant at Arms Warren raised some revenue with an extensive fine session.
Acting Sergeant at Arms Les Hogarth called the meeting to order.
President Laurie advised that Murray Difford is unwell and in hospital.
President Laurie reported that the first day of RYDA was held at Tuncurry last week with 180 students attending. Dates for RYDA in Taree are Tuesday 16 June,
Tuesday 23 June and Thursday 25 June. Six volunteers will be required for each day. Names were taken at the meeting.
Phil Streatfeild (Treasurer) reminded Rotarians to pay for the changeover dinner now.
Mark Drury (Club Administration) advised that planning for the changeover dinner on 19 June is well underway. Mark also advised that Group Study exchange is back next year. The exchange will occur with District 1890 of North Germany. The exchange departs in May 2016 and lasts 5 weeks. Please advise Ross Tingle if you know of a suitable candidate or group leader. See the latest District E-News (on the website) for more information.
David Denning advised on the progress on the exercise equipment at the Recreation Grounds. There is a slight delay as we wait for council to location existing services. David will advise on new dates for work on the site.
Les Hogarth (Welfare) advised that Ken Raison is ill. He also reported that Bruce Tully, who was a member of this club, died on 30th May. Acting Sergeant Les raised some revenue and told a joke.
David Fisher and Ashley Cleaver explained the processes of social media and the workings of our club website. A demonstration was given of our facebook
and web pages. See and
President Laurie Easter welcomed guest speaker Ken Johnson and his wife Marnie. Laure also welcomed honorary member Mavis Jones and reminded Rotarians that it is our club’s 78th birthday today.
President Laurie advised that the Science and Engineering challenge which was held last week was very successful. Laurie thanked those who participated with a special thanks to Neil Hannington who gave up his whole week.  
President Laurie Easter welcomed Rotarians and Guests to our meeting. A warm welcome was given to our Guest speakers Kath Donovan and Pilar McGechan from Taree Youth Refuge and Jason McLoughlin from Manning Support Services. Laurie welcomed visiting Rotarians Karenne Norling and Judy Richardson. It was also great to see Debbie Purse who has recently returned from Tasmania.
President Laurie Easter welcomed Rotarians and guest Dylan George to the weekly meeting.

Laurie mentioned the latest changes in the Club Taree dining area mean we may need to get to our meetings about 5 minutes earlier. Laurie reminded everyone of the need to have a “Working with Children Check” if you wish to perform volunteer work which involves contact with persons under 18 years of age. Laurie reported that ten of our members attended the Wingham Rotary Club’s 70th anniversary last Saturday night. By all reports it was an enjoyable night.
President Laurie Easter welcomed honorary member Steve Bromhead. Laurie advised that the BBQ at the dispersal auction at the old UGL site last week raised a little over $1200. It was an excellent effort by all who assisted. Laurie also advised that he has been able to source a Lone Pine sapling to be planted at Rotary Park during a ceremony this ANZAC Day. Details of this will be emailed to members.
This meeting was a Club Assembly.
A letter was received from the District Governor regarding Shelter Box. This is available on the website. It explained that while Shelter Box had issues a few years
ago, these had since been resolved and our Club will continue to support this project.
President Laurie Easter welcomed Rotarians to the meeting. A warm welcome was extended to our guests, Sharyn Munro, Christine Stanton, Ruth Tingle, Karenne
Norling, Glendon Jones, and the kids (Fraser, Tully, Alex & Dylan).
President Laurie welcomed members and our honorary Rotarian, Stephen Bromhead, to the week’s meeting.

Next week’s meeting will be a vocational visit to Valley Industries. We will start at 5:30pm and the cost will be $10 per person plus drinks.

Ken Patterson reported on our club’s special projects. The CCTV program is progressing and is now well accepted by Greater Taree City Council. The development of exercise equipment at the Taree Recreation Grounds needs further funding and there are discussions around reducing the costs. 

President Joy welcomed members and guests to our meeting and gave a special welcome to our guest speakers Ian Shaw (AGL) and Karyn Looby (AGL). 
A welcome was also extended to Murray Difford, Rod Lattimore, visiting Rotarian Maurie Stack from the Rotary Club of Taree On Manning and June & Geoff Harrison – guests of Fr Keith. 
President’s Report: 
Reminder: that our Change-Over Dinner is to be held on Friday 20 June 2014. As we are having our Change Over on this date we will not hold a meeting on Monday 23 June 2014. See following invitation. 
Joy queried any concerns regarding the change of Dinner Arrangements, with only two concerns which we will look into. 
Funding from the Newman’s Own Foundation of $30,0000 which was applied for has now come through. This grant was applied for in conjunction with IGA and is to provide funds for the Courtyard Shelter Project at Manning River Referral Hospital. 

Aussie Hero Quilts - At the President’s Cluster Meeting last Thursday Night, the Rotary Club of Old Bar (of which Bill Griffiths is now President) requested assistance to raise funds for quilts to be made for the Aussie Hero Quilts Project. It was agreed by all Presidents within our Cluster (and incoming Presidents) to support this Project by contributing $120 each Club. Therefore our Club is more than happy to contribute to such a worthwhile project.

Visiting Rotarian DGN Maurie Stack spoke on the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) reminding everyone that this year the Rotary Manning Valley Schools Spectacular will be held midweek. This being Wednesday 27 August 2014. Again two sessions – Matinee and evening performances and to keep this date free. Maurie also reminded us of all the wonderful achievements this program has made within our Schools and to the benefit of the community. He discussed the sponsorship opportunity where businesses, organisations and individuals in the Manning Valley are invited to sponsor the Rotary Manning Valley Schools Spectacular.

President Laurie welcomed members and DG Elect Maurie Stack to our meeting. Laurie also welcomed Harvey Else who has returned after a few weeks away recuperating from surgery.

Ken Patterson gave an update on the CCTV program. He has met with a consultant regarding the design of the CCTV system and is in the process of negotiating with various building owners in Taree. The plan is for the proposed design will be put before council in their April meeting.

Mark Drury reminded members of our vocational visit in 2 week’s time (23rd Feb) to Honeycomb Valley farm at 3736 Wallanbah Rd Nabiac. The start time will be 5:30pm. The cost will be $35 pp and drinks will be available for purchase. Please advise Mark if you are attending (if you haven’t done so already) ASAP to 65521193 or . Partners are welcome. A map is attached after the last page of the bulletin.


President Joy welcomed members and guests to our meeting, a special welcome to our guest speaker Dr Romney Newman & his wife Christine. A welcome to Ian Wollard – guest of David Denning, also a welcome to Jocelyn & Robert Caddies – guests of Fr Keith. Finally a big welcome to Rhonda Blanch, Lillian Else, June Braithwaite, Kay Whitelaw and to Murray Difford again for visiting our meeting. 
Please note your diary for the Change Over Dinner to be held on Friday 20 June 2014. As we are having our Change Over on this date we will not hold a meeting on Monday 23 June 2014. 
Change of Dinner Arrangements tonight. How did everyone find the change. If there are any problems that you can see please let myself or Mark know. 
Cluster Meeting: We have our Final Cluster Meeting this Thursday at Forster. This will be a joint meeting with the incoming Presidents for 2014 / 2015. A very big thank you to AG Bruce Moy for all his hard work during the year. 
“Newman’s Own Foundation” have advised that the grant we applied for of $30,000 in conjunction with IGA to provide funds for the Courtyard Shelter Project at Manning Rural Referral Hospital was successful and we should receive funds over the next couple of weeks.

President Joy welcomed members and guests to our meeting, with a warm welcome to Murray Difford again for visiting our meeting.


Thank you to everyone for your patience on Monday night with respect to the new dinner arrangements. Favourable comments made, but we still need to “fine tune” a couple of areas.

Don’t forget if you are having a meal at prior to the meeting could we please have this finished by 6.45pm we can then commence our meeting without interruptions.

National Palliative Care Week runs from 25 May to 31 May 2014. In the Lower Mid North Coast area there will be a showing of the movie “A Song for Marion” (starring Vanessa Redgraves and Terence Stamp) at the Manning Entertainment Centre on Monday 25 May 2014. Time 6.30 for 7.30pm. Admission is free, although a gold coin donation would be appreciated. This is a chance for everyone to support Palliative Care. As this is a Monday evening it was agreed to make this event our meeting.

Rotarian Barry Hicks spoke to us about Edufund and also a request received from the Balay Mindanaw Foundation for assistance with disaster relief. See the report on page 3 of this bulletin. Members’ consideration and thoughts on this proposal would be appreciated. Please contact Joy with any thoughts you may have regarding this proposal.

President Laurie welcomed members and their guests to our meeting.

Laurie gave an update on the CCTV program. Our Rotary club is seeking a consultant to advise on the next step in the project.

The next Bunning BBQ is on Friday 13th February and volunteers are required for this excellent fundraiser for our club.

Kevin Sharp (International) reported on the Golf Day. He thanked the committee members for their help. $9400 was raised through this event and there are ideas and plans to make 2016 an even better event.

Rotarians were reminded that the Public Speaking semi-finals are in Walcha on 21st February. All Rotarians are encouraged to attend.

The next Incubator meeting will be held at the Bean Bar on the 19th February at 6:00 for 6:30pm.

The Rotary Club of Taree North are hosting the premiere of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (see page 2 for details). Our club has 60 tickets. Tickets are $20 each and you can pay by direct deposit into the Rotary Club of Taree Project Account (BSB:032587, Acc:108171).

Don’t forget it is 5 weeks till the District Conference to be held in Inverell on 13th and 14th March. Please register now

President Laurie welcomed Rotarians and theirs guests to our meeting. Laurie also welcomed our guest speakers Graham Brown from Tidy Up Taree and Kyle Brown from the Manning In Motion Festival.

President Laurie called for a minutes silence to acknowledge the passing of June Godwin, beloved wife of Ralph Godwin.

Mark Drury (Club Administration) reminded members of our vocational visit next week. Details are on page 2. There are also vocational visits planned for 16th of February to Honeycomb Valley and 9th March to Valley Industries.

Neil Hannington reported on behalf of Felicity George (Community Services) and thanked those that volunteered for the Bunnings BBQ last week. We have two further dates for Bunnings BBQ’s. The first on Friday 13th February and the second on Saturday 16th May.

Kevin Sharp (International) reminded members of the District Conference in Inverell to be held 13-15 March. Most motels are now fully booked so make your accommodation arrangements soon. For those wishing to travel further afield the Rotary International Convention will be held in Brazil on 6-9 June 2015.


President Joy welcomed members and guests to our meeting, with a warm welcome to Keith Atkinson on his first meeting as a member of our Club. A special welcome to Tim Gilchrist our NYSF student (see separate story under Youth) and his mother Tania. A big welcome back to David Denning. Also to Murray Difford, visiting Rotarian and a very special welcome to our Guest Speaker, Bob McDonnell.

Bob Newling gave us an overview of what was happening in RAWCS.

RAWCS Ltd is a big business with donations to the Rotary Australia Overseas Aid fund of over $24.3 million (almost half from Eastern Region) as well as $11 million in donated goods (DIK) and with 1,067 volunteers in 154 teams providing service to 26 countries in 2012-2013.

During 2013-2014 FAIM/RAWCS celebrated its 50th Anniversary.In Eastern Region, it was decided to recognise original FAIM members and prolific volunteers nominated by each District of the Region.

Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS
The ability to provide tax deductibility on donations to projects which help people in Australia is welcome. While RABS is not well known by Rotary Clubs yet it is expanding exponentially and we will continue to see the number of new RABS project registrations grow. Currently there are 5 RABS Projects registered by Eastern Region clubs (all registered this year). Clubs which undertake projects to help incapacitated people in their communities should avail themselves to the benefits of RABS
Donations in Kind:
The DIK contract with the Salvation Army has been confirmed, so DIK will be remaining at the Minchinbury Depot with the Salvation Army. Thanks to all the volunteers that have helped Miriam during the year. DIK cannot survive without the generosity of so many people. The total hours worked this year amounted to 1506 hours. Over the last year goods delivered into the warehouse included 80,000 biros, 8 pallets of clothing from Fitness First, 10 Pallets of clothing and sports uniforms from many schools as well as hospital and school equipment.
Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM):
Overseas delegates to the 24th – 25th August 2013 Annual Conference (the May 2013 Conference had been cancelled) came from PNG, Solomon Islands and Timor Lestѐ, informed attendees that in PNG 544,000 nets had been distributed in one quarter; that the Santa Isabel Island infection rate is down to 0.4 per 1,000; in Timor Lestѐ the infection rate is improving at a rate beyond expectations and is now below the Millennium goal of 30 cases of malaria per 1,000.
RAM in PNG has now distributed 5.2 million long life Insecticided Nets (LLINs) since 2010 and are endeavouring to meet their target of 7 million nets
by the end of September 2014 to have covered the whole of PNG twice. The Global Fund has allocated $44 million for Malaria in 2015-16.

President Joy welcomed members to our meeting and also welcomed Keith Atkinson, Keith’s wife Christine and May Sharp. 
President’s Report 
President Joy advised that unfortunately the Pride of Workmanship Awards to be hosted by our Club has had to be cancelled due to lack of support in organising these Awards. 
The Science and Engineering Challenge held this past week was hugely successful. A big thank you to everyone who helped out during the week and for all those who attended the Dinner and Challenge on the Thursday night. Taree Rotary Club once again won the challenge. This is three years in a row. So well done to us. 

The Rotary Manning Valley Schools Spectacular will be held on Wednesday 27 August 2014. Again two sessions – Matinee and evening performances. So keep this date free. Please keep this date free and help support this wonderful project.

The Combined Rotary Clubs meeting was held on Friday April 4, 2014 at St John’s Memorial Hall. This was a very successful and fun night, with a bit of drama when the lights when out, but Father Keith came to the rescue and provided candles for us. A big thank you to Mark Drury and his team, particularly Alison Hockey-Lee and Susie Ploder, for all their hard work in organizing this event. Well done to everyone who helped.

We have been lucky enough to secure loans as a result of the Rotary Foundation District Grants for 2013-2014. 
· The first is a grant for $ 4,669.50 towards the Scholarship for Martin Abbott. As you will recall Martin applied for and was accepted into a two year Masters Degree, “Growing a Large Metropolis”, at Sciences Po University in Paris. He approached Rotary Club of Taree to seek support through the Rotary Foundation. It was acknowledged that “the program is a good fit for a Global Grant scholar”, with the primary Area of Focus being Economic & Community Development, with strong linkages to Peace & Conflict Prevention, Disease Prevention, and Water & Sanitation. Our Board has agreed to round up the Grant figure of $4,669.50 to 
· The second grant that we have been successful in obtaining was a District Grant for ACMF funding. This was lodged on behalf of the Rotary Clubs Taree, Taree on Manning, Taree North and Wingham and we were successful in obtaining $3,319.80 towards this worthwhile project. 

Update from Barry Hicks

I finally arrived in Manila on the 29th of November, after a day’s rest and several meetings during that week I flew on to Mindanao on the 3rd December and have not stopped running since.

Thanks to a quite famous GP in Taree and my niece Dr Mel whom I stayed with in Newtown for three months before leaving for Mindanao I am very relieved to report that I am in relatively good shape health wise, improving each day and functioning well, (some days maybe near 70% capacity), so I am very pleased about that, the best I have been for some time. My simple diet with the kindly supervision of my assistant Irish is keeping my sugar levels under control and stable, she is a tyrant when it comes to my diet, medications, organising my twice daily foot and leg massages and weekly whole body massages, (eat your heart out guys), exercises and anything else to do with my health but trying to fit in time to do my 30 minute walk each day is tricky but I know is essential. Thank you to all those who show so much interest in my activities here and who often enquire about my wellbeing, I really appreciate the warmth of your care, concern and encouragement. 

President Joy welcomed members to our meeting and also welcomed visiting Rotarian Keith Atkinson, Beverley Whitmore, Member for Myall Lakes, Steve Bromhead and his wife Sue to our meeting and gave a special welcome to our Guest Speaker Peter Epov.

President’s Report

Club Assembly: Joy thanked members for their input and support for the upcoming changes to our meeting. These changes will commence on Monday 5 May, 2014.

Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF): The first meeting of the ACMF was held last Thursday night. This year the Rotary Manning Valley Schools Spectacular will be held mid week. This being Wednesday 27 August 2014. Again two sessions – Matinee and evening performances. So keep this date free.

Combined Clubs Meeting: The Combined Rotary Clubs Function was held on Friday April 4, 2014 at St John’s Memorial Hall. This was a great night, even if we did have a blackout as we were eating our meal. But this was all in good fun. Fr Keith came to the party providing lots of candles. Tim Bale was an excellent speaker on the night. A big thank you to Mark Drury and his team for all their hard work. Well done to you all.

National Palliative Care Week runs from 25 May to 31 May 2014. In the Lower Mid North Coast area there will be a showing of the movie “A Song for Marion” (starring Vanessa Redgraves and Terence Stamp) at the Manning Entertainment Centre on Monday 25 May 2014. Time 6.30 for 7.30pm. Admission is free, although a gold coin donation would be appreciated. This is a chance for everyone to support Palliative Care.
Director’s Reports
Leonie Melder – Advised that she requires 3 more volunteers for the Science and Engineering Challenge to be held on 9th, 10th and 11th April. We need one
additional volunteer per day as Neil Hannington will be attending every day. On the 10th there will be a dinner and challenge night.

President Laurie welcomed Rotarians to our meeting.

It was decided to hold our Christmas party at Bower’s Café next Monday (15th December). It will be at 6pm for a 6:15pm start. The cost is $38. Bower’s is BYO so bring your own beverages and don’t forget some poems to recite.

Residents of the Greater Taree City Council area are invited to submit nominations for the 2015 Australia Day Awards.

Award categories are:

· Citizen of the Year - for persons aged 25 years and over at 26 January 2015

· Young Citizen of the Year - for persons under 25 years of age at 26 January 2015

· Ken McDonald Memorial Sportstar of the Year Award - open to all ages

· Community Event of the Year – open to all events held in the Greater Taree City area during 2014

Nominees and finalists will be recognised at the annual Australia Day Ceremony in Taree on 26 January 2015. All nominations must be submitted on the official nomination forms which are available online at

President Laurie welcomed Rotarians and our guests Tim Gilchrist and Tania Gilchrist.

Laurie gave an update on some of our members who have been unwell. Bruce Moy is recovering well after heart surgery and should be home by the weekend. David Fisher was due to have a hip replacement but the surgery has been delayed by a few days as he was unwell. Harvey Else, Bob Newling and Beverly Whitmore are also unwell at this time.

Laurie also thanked both Liz Kempers and Peter McKay for their work in putting the Bulletin together each week. 

Phil Streatfeild (Treasurer) reminded those members that pay their fees on a 6 monthly basis, that they are now due.

Kevin Sharp (International Services): Australia Day will be held at the MEC, with advertisements being run promoting this event. Volunteers will be required at 7am to put up marquees. The free breakfast opens at 8am, with bacon and eggs on bread. Rotary Clubs of Taree have donated $200 each towards this. 9am the presentation starts with the raising of the flag, speeches being spoken by the High School Captains of Taree and the Ambassadors. 10am Morning Tea with entertainment for the children will be held. Tea, coffee and a lamington will be available. There is scope for a choir to be the entertainment and for the Manning
Aquatic Centre being opened for the children to swim.
The Golf Day is also held on 26th January and needs support. Please keep this in mind as it is the largest fundraiser in the year for our Club.
Mark Drury (Club Administation/President Elect): Mark advised that a full board in now in place for the 2015/2016 year with Ross Tingle taking up the Directorship for International Services and David Denning to be Director for Club Administration. Thank you Ross and David.
The Christmas party will be held on 15th December and will be a sit down dinner at Club Taree. Please bring your partners. This will be a poetry night and we are
looking for as many members to get up and recite their favourite piece of poetry. The social event at Rotary Park on the following week has been cancelled.
Susie Ploder (Fundraising): The Bunnings gift wrapping now has a full roster. Those who volunteered their time will be emailed with details prior to the date.

President Joy welcomed members to our meeting and also welcomed visiting Rotarian and guest of Kevin Sharp, Keith Atkinson to our meeting. 
President’s Report 
Joy took the opportunity of thanking Mark Drury and Warren Blanch for organising the vocational visit to Jacana Motorhomes last week, followed by dinner at the Aquatic Club. This was such an interesting visit and it is good to see a small business thriving and doing so well. Essential Energy has now opened Applications for 
their Community Support Program. This is support for short term programs (<6 months), events or fundraisers that support the general community. Guideline range is $1 - $5,000. We will be looking to make application and Kevin Sharp will give further information regarding this. 
A reminder that the Combined Rotary Clubs meeting is to be held on Friday April 4, 2014 at St John’s Memorial Hall at 6:00pm. Don’t forget that this will be a transfer from our meeting for 7 April. There will be no meeting on 7 April. 
PRIDE OF WORKMANSHIP AWARDS: There will be a meeting after our general meeting next week to discuss organising the Pride of Workmanship Awards. In the meantime if you have any thoughts or ideas please contact Joy. 
Director’s Reports 
Mark Drury advised that organisation of the Combined Clubs Meeting to be held on 4 April is coming along. Mark took a roll call for those who can attend. If you wish to attend please let him know prior to Friday 28 March. 
Kevin Sharp advised that an application has been sent to Essential Energy for their Community Support Program for a grant of $4000 to replace the barbeques at Rotary Park. Rotary will also be doing in-kind work eg providing some of the labour. Kevin also reminded members that the Rotary Convention is on in Sydney on 1st – 4th June 2014 and it is still not too late to register to attend. 
He also advised that the Bowel Scan Coordinator is Max Carey. Volunteers will be needed to distribute the kits and to educate the public in how the kits are 
different to earlier kits. 
Barry Hicks advised that under the Edufund Program two young women have graduated from Edufund with one completing her law degree and the other becoming a Public Accountant. 
Laurie Easter advised that the Men’s Health Seminar held at the RSL Club earlier during the week was worth attending with doctors donating time and putting together informative presentations. With respect to the RYDA Program most schools are now on board. Emails will be sent out to volunteers. Dates that have been selected are Thursday 2nd May, Tuesday 17th May and Tuesday 24th May, 2014. Volunteers are required. Laurie advised that regarding the CCTV Project Things are moving along the next meeting will be held in April and will focus on ongoing costs relative to operating a CCTV system as proposed by our club. At this meeting a GTCC IT staff member will provide an overview of the assessment of ongoing maintenance. 
The District Assembly for incoming presidents and boards is to be held on 25th May in Port Macquarie, venue to be advised. Can all incoming directors please make an effort to attend. 
Leonie Melder - Volunteers are required for the Science and Engineering Challenge to be held on 9th, 10th and 11th April. On the 10th there will be a dinner 
and challenge night. We need one additional volunteer per day as Neil Hannington will be attending every day. 

This week we were so lucky to attend a Vocational Visit to Jacana where we were shown the versatility in motor home construction. This was a really interesting visit which was enjoyed by many of our members. Please see further information on the Home Page under Stories

President Joy then advised everyone that next Monday night will be a Club Assembly night. The main topic is to discuss and decide on arrangements for future Monday Meetings. So if you wish to make a contribution or if you have any thoughts or ideas on how these meetings may be improved it is imperative that you attend.

The Science and Engineering Challenge will be held on the week commencing 7 April and will run for the whole week. We are seeking volunteers to assist over this period. Two members from our Club are required each day. Please advise Leonie Melder if you can assist on any of these days.

A big congratulations to Alan Small on winning the business category of the 2014 Myall Lakes Seniors Week local achievement awards. Well done.

President Joy welcomed members and guests to our meeting. She particularly welcomed Nick Dwyer, guest of Don Phillips and Lance Foster, guest of Peter Dahdah to our meeting. She also welcomed Dr Alan Johnson who is to introduce our guest speaker for the night.

She gave a very big welcome to our guest speaker Dr Seshasayce Narasimhan – Cardiologist who will be speaking on the subject of Cardiology & Equipment Available in Our Local Hospitals.

It was with sadness that Joy advised of the passing of Rex Solomon OAM. Rex was a Charter President of the Taree On Manning Rotary Club. His funeral will be at 11.00am on Friday 14 March at the Catholic Church Albert Street Taree. Our sincere condolences and thoughts are with his family at this time.

Joy reminded everyone on the Wingham Rotary Krambach Night. To be held Tuesday 11 March 2014 6.15 for 6.45pm at the Krambach Hall. Guest speaker will be Andy Hall former Australian International Soccer Player. This is always an excellent night. Our vocational visit is set for Monday 17 March which is to Jacana -Versatility in Motor homing Construction. 5Pm for 5.15 Start, 118 Manning River Drive. Taree South.

Warren Blanch spoke to members about the vocational visit and particularly where we would have our meeting and dinner afterwards. It was agreed to meet at the Aquatic Club, Macquarie Street, Taree at 6.30pm. 

The Combined Rotary Clubs of Taree is to be held on Friday April 4, 2014 at St John’s Memorial Hall at 6:00pm. We to a change of meeting and make this our meeting for 7 April. Mark Drury reminded everyone of the Combined

Rotary Clubs Meeting asking for names of those attending. If you have not already done so, please advise Mark whether you are attending.

Peter Dahdah updated members on the welfare of those who are unable to be with us.


We are so proud to invite you to Blandina’s Form 6 Graduation, on Saturday 30th May 2015!


In nine months’ time, we will see our very first Form 6 graduating class at The School of St Jude - a momentous occasion that we would love for you to share with us!  You are warmly welcomed, karibu sana, to celebrate this monumental achievement for our students, staff and supporters alike at St Jude’s, where Blandina’s journey first began! We are so proud of our students and we know you are, too.


Blandina and her peers will be celebrating the end of almost 13 years of education, dedication and hard work, something that could not have been accomplished without your generous support. We are thrilled to have come so far, thanks to your support over the years, to be able to see our inaugural Form 6 class graduate, set to go on to the next, exciting chapter of their lives beyond the walls of St Jude’s!


We’ve attached your personal invitation to Blandina’s graduation. If you would like to come and celebrate with us here in Tanzania, please fill out the Visitor registration form also attached with this email and send it along to our friendly Visitors Team at This will ensure that we can provide you with priority accommodation at St Jude’s during this auspicious and busy time of year. Our friendly Visitor Team can help with creating your very own, personal itinerary and answer any questions you may have planning for this very special event! You can also find more information about visiting us here at St Jude’s at

Thank you once again for your incredible support of St Jude’s and we look forward to seeing you in 2015!


Kind regards,


Rachael Hewes

Sponsor Relations Team


PO Box 11875, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa


For Forms See Events 30 May 2015

 President Joy welcomed guest speakers Stephanie Coomber and Kelli Young who will be speaking on the Christ Faith Home (India) Plus India Experiences 2013 Trip. She also welcomed visiting Rotarians Clive Woolcott (Taree North) and Karenne Norling (E-Club) and also gave a very special welcome to Manual Zaunders. 
President’s Report 
Joy expressed her thanks to David Fisher for kindly standing in as President last meeting on her behalf. 
COMBINED CLUBS MEETING: With respect to the Combined Rotary Clubs of Taree which is to be held on Friday April 4, 2014 at St John’s Memorial Hall at 6:00pm. It was agreed to transfer our meeting from 7th April 2014 to the date of the Combined Rotary Clubs meeting on the 4 April. 
INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Wingham Rotary Club are holding an International Women’s Day breakfast to be held on Saturday 8 March 2014 at 8am at the Wingham Golf Club. Cost $25 per person. 
WINGHAM ROTARY KRAMBACH NIGHT: This night has been set down for Tuesday 11 March 2014 6.15 for 6.45pm at the Krambach Hall. Guest speaker will be Andy Hall former Australian International Soccer Player. This is always an excellent night. 
MARTIN ABBOTT: President Joy asked Ian Dyball to give an overview of where our grant application is up to. Ian advised that Martin Abbott is a local Taree boy who completed his schooling through Taree High. He was sponsored by the Taree Rotary Club on Student Exchange and has recently contacted the Club, asking for funding to complete studies in Paris. The District Grant that was sought has been approved for $4500. Martin passes on his best wishes to the Club. 
Director’s Reports 
Ashley Cleaver advised that Beverley Whitemore will be inducted soon. 
He reminded everyone of the Aviators Ball to be held 15 March 2014. This should be a great night. 
Mark Drury reminded everyone of the Combined Rotary Clubs Meeting. He asked for volunteers for this night with several people generously donating their time. The Guest Speaker will be Tim Vaile. Bruce will introduce him. There will also be a Local Produce Raffle. 
Warren Blanch advised that there will be a vocational visit on 17th March to Barry Drury’s bus building business. Rotarians are asked to arrive as close to 
5pm as possible. Dinner will be at an outside venue. Warren will back to us with details. 

Dear All at Rotary Club of Taree,


Thank you for your continued sponsorship of Blandina Allen Msumary! We hope that you have enjoyed receiving her letters and class photos to date. Blandina is now studying in Form 5 at our Smith Secondary Campus and taking their Advanced-Level studies! We are very proud of her hard work and determination to come so far at St Jude’s.


The School of St Jude’s is still growing. We now educate over 1,650 students spread across three amazing schools, two boarding campuses and employ over 400 local staff.  Our Form 5’s are leading the way as our eldest year group and are in a very exciting chapter of their lives! All of this would not be possible without the enormous contribution and generosity of supporters like you!


We are very pleased to present your Form 5 Update for Blandina, filling you in on her latest interests, the choices they have made for their future and their opinions on life. We hope that you enjoy the attached document. We have also included our most recent Student Sponsorship FAQ’s document, for all the ins and outs of sponsorship.


Thank you once again for your incredible, ongoing support of Blandina , and ultimately, standing with us in our fight against poverty!


Best wishes,




Emilia James

Sponsor Relations Team


PO Box 11875, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa


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Meet and Greet
Saeed, Sadiq
Meet and Greet Assistant
Braithwaite, Brian
Room Set Up
Blanch, Warren
Introduce Guest Speaker
Woollard, Ian
Thank Guest Speaker
Woollard, Ian
Room Pack Up and Tidy
Blanch, Warren

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August - Membership & Extension Month

Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:00 PM
Club Taree (Taree RSL & Golf Club)
121 Wingham Road
Taree, NSW  2430
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Home Page Stories
President Ian Woollard, Natsuko Misawa from the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo and Dianne Woollard
Our Club Incubator Meeting held last Thursday night went well with lots of ideas and thoughts being put forward.  Max Carey gave an overview of the history of the Rotary Club of Taree which was well received.  We need to hear more of our history.  Well done Max.
I’m sure you’re all familiar with the conversation you have on meeting someone for the first time and they ask “so how long have you been in Taree”. My standard answer is that I’m a local. So what does being a local mean?
In my case it means that my paternal great great grandparents arrived here from Sussex in 1838 and settled on land at Dingo Creek and are buried at the Wingham Cemetery.
As you may recall the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie celebrated their 70th Anniversary with a dinner which was held on Wednesday 23 May 2018.
Our very own Brian Hole made the toast on the night.  Following in his father’s footsteps when his father made a toast to the Club in 1948 on the night of the presentation of the Club’s Charter.
Following for your information is Brian’s speech to the Club on their 70th Anniversary.
President John, Members of the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie and all those special guests with us tonight.

Club Member Bruce Moy introduced our guest speaker for the night, Deborah Willis, who has been a primary producer for 36 years, farming in dairy, beef cattle, Australian Stock Horses and Private Native Forestry.

She is also an Industry Representative on the NSW Farmers Association Cattle and Welfare Committees, Cattle Council of Australia and past Dairy Farmers Association being involved for approximately 20 years.  She is now a Board Member of the Hunter Local Land Services and a Regional Weed Committee Representative.

Our Speaker for this meeting is PDG Ian Dyball who spoke to us about ending Trachoma by 2020.
He explained that Trachoma is the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness. The disease disappeared from Australian cities and towns over 100 years ago. We remain the last developed country in the world where Trachoma is endemic in Indigenous communities in regions of Western and Central Australia.
Last Sunday I attended the District 9650 assembly at Port Macquarie for incoming board members along most of our board for 2018/2019.

At Port Macquarie, our District 9650 DG Bob opened the Assembly with a brief message and then introduced our DGE Lorraine Coffey and her partner Dennis Chellingsworth.
This week we had a Vocational Visit to Service NSW. Manager Greg and his team made us feel very welcome to what was an interesting and informative evening. Once everyone had arrived we were invited to register for a My Service NSW Account so that we will be able to easily access NSW Government transactions online.
Around 15 Rotarians and partners attended the vocational visit to Croker Oars.
Croker Oars operates from its factory on Oxley Island where it has done for the last 50 years or so.
Howard the founder of the Company led us through the factory and gave us an insight into the humble beginnings of the business which started out making timber oars. No timber is used these days as carbon fibre has taken over as the preferred material for the various products made onsite. Croker Oars, among other things, designs and constructs the blades for various rowing, surf and ocean and sculling craft and has established itself as one of the world leading suppliers of oars for international competition rowing.
President David Denning introduced Father Garry Dodd, Chaplain to the Mission for Seafarers.
Garry was born in Newcastle. Worked in Gloucester for four years, entered Morpeth Theological College and was ordained in 1998.
He is in his 10th year as Chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers.
PDG Ian Dyball, Fr Garry Dodd and Fr Peter Tinney
Once again our congratulations to Marylyn Sendah for winning the Public Speaking Competition at the District Conference last weekend. This was a
tremendous effort.
For those who are not aware the purpose of the Four Way Test Speech Contest is to foster the principles of ethics in everyday life as well as in business.
The impact of the Four Way Test Speech contest is immeasurable both for Rotary Clubs and the schools that the participants attend. Rotarians, family
members and friends are influenced by the impact of these young fresh perceptions. Each student who competes in these contests spends much effort
preparing and rehearsing their speeches.
Well done Marylyn what an exceptional effort. We are proud that you represented our Club and are very proud of you and the effort you put into this competition.
As you are all aware the District Conference is being held in Armidale over this weekend. The Conference Dinner was held last night where District Awards are distributed. Last night Awards went to the Rotary Club of Taree for the Archives Award, the Introduction of New Members Award and for the Club Bulletin Award.
Not only were these great achievements but our Youth Ambassador, Marylyn Sendah also won the Public Speaking Competition. Fantastic effort and well
done Marylyn.
Well done everyone. These Awards are a great effort from our Club.
Above, at the awards night, President David Denning, Past President Murray Difford and new Club Member Sandie Outtrim.
On Monday night we held a combined Clubs meeting where we were privileged to host the members of the Group Study Exchange (GSE) between our District (District 9650) and District 9211, which includes Uganda and Tanzania, at our meeting.
President David Denning welcomed the members of the GSE Team to our meeting as well as welcoming all visiting members from the other local Rotary Clubs and guests to our meeting.
(For more photos see photo album)

Our Youth Exchange Student Bailee Pinnock is enjoying Denmark.  She is currently attending Language School where she is with two other Australian students.

She has advised that it is still very cold over there.

Phil Streatfeild and Herb Beer will keep us up to date on Bailee’s time in Denmark.

At Rotary this week Fiona Tinney shared a little about herself and her journey.
Fiona and Peter are both pleased to be back in NSW and Taree offers a wonderful location with the benefit of being closer to family in Newcastle. They work closely together in the Parish and the broader community, sharing their knowledge, energy and skills.
Joy McCaffrey with New Member Fiona Tinney.
It was with pleasure that President David inducted Debbie Callinan into our Club.
Debbie’s classification will be Nursing – Aged Care. She was introduced into our Club by Susie Ploder and will be placed into the Fundraising portfolio.
Our Club and its members welcome Debbie into to our Club. We look forward to working together for the betterment of our Club into the future.
Phil Streatfield advised that our Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Bailee Pinnock left from Port Macquarie on Friday last for Denmark for a year’s exchange.  Grandfather Herb advised that she had arrived safely.
We wish Bailee all the best for a wonderful experience in Denmark and look forward to hearing from her during her time in Denmark.
Dr Col Rose with new Club member, Peter Tinney
New Member, Peter, gave his member talk to our Club on the Journey of Ministry.
Ministry is Service
Rotary does Ministry very well all over the world…!
The ministries we each have are incredibly diverse and whilst in my case they are based on my faith and the scriptures this is not everyone’s experience of ministry.
Your activities as part of this club add value and support to others in a thousand different ways. Locally assisting to build and support our community as well as reaching out to offer service/ministry across the world.
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Ashley Cleaver
Aug 20, 2018
Membership Night
PDG Brian Beesley
Aug 27, 2018
Australian Rotary Health Night
Lorraine Coffey
Oct 30, 2018
District Governor's Visit
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