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President                                              F.C. (Cuth) Haddan        (Dentist)
Vice-President                                    C.C. (Johnnie) Walker    (Pharmacist)
Secretary                                              W.B. (Brian) Davidson   (Life Assurance)
Treasurer                                              M.V. (Merv) Williams       (Bank Manager)
Sergeant-at-Arms                                H.G. (Hughie) Scribner  (Jeweller)
N.W. (Norm) Barnes         (Manager Petrol Depot)
W.B. (Will) Boyce              (Manning River Times)                                 
R.S. (Ron) Butterworth      (Lawyer)                        
W.P. (Percy) Chapman     (Alderman - Taree Municipal Council)                      
A. (Alex) Herberte              (Proprietor of a Motor Garage)                                              
F.G. (Frank) Hole               (Real Estate Agent)                  
R.A. (Reg) Page                 (Taree High School)
C.H. (Charlie) Peel             (Drapery Retailer)
A.T. (Dolph) Saxby             (Cordial Manufacturer)
W.A. (Bill) Scahill                (Royal Hotel)
S.S. (Stewart) Sheppard   (The Shire Clerk)
C.H. (Hilton) Soden            (Newsagent)
Dr. A. (Allen) Muscio          (Medico)
C.H. (Charlie) Woolcott      (Proprietor of a Tyre Repair Business)