Posted by Ashley Cleaver on Aug 12, 2018
President Ian Woollard, Natsuko Misawa from the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo and Dianne Woollard
Warm lemon delicious pudding with vanilla icecream will be the sweet treat on tonight’s menu at the home of Dr Colin Rose OAM.
It is a taste of Australia that his wife, Di, will serve to Japanese exchange student, Natsuko Misawa of Okayama. The 15-year-old is experiencing a whirlwind visit to the region as part of a Rotary Club of Taree one week exchange. She arrived in Sydney on August 5 and will return home on August 13. The Rotary Club of Taree will then send Mitchell Brown of Taree to stay with Natsuko’s family for one week, from August 11 to August 18. The short exchange is a new initiative of the two clubs and designed to provide each student with unique experiences that will nurture understanding of Australian culture and connections to the regions.
Natsuko’s limited spoken English limits her ability to share her experiences of Australia, but she says “people are very kind” and when asked if she has tried Vegemite, she smiles and says, “it’s salty.”
Dr Rose and his wife are one of three couples in the Rotary Club of Taree who will work to make her stay in Australia memorable by opening their homes and taking her to numerous locations. Her itinerary is busy, featuring tours of Forster, Wallabi Point, Saltwater, Wingham, Taree, Port Macquarie and Sydney.
Her love of music and ability to play the saxophone enabled Natsuko to enjoy youth and senior band practice with Mitchell Brown and Hannah Hartup of Taree High School, and yesterday she also visited Bass ‘n’ Blues Music Store in Taree. The musical connection will help to nurture the friendship with Mitchell when he travels to stay with her family, Miyuki and Soichiro Misawa and her sister.
Natsuko will be busy during her short stay, but smiles when she learns of sweet treats, like lemon delicious pudding, and says “she is very thankful” for her time in Australia.
Article from Manning River Times – August 2018