Posted by Ross Tingle
l hope all is well with our members. It is a most unusual time we are in when we are so used to meeting together, shaking hands and smiling at each other. We really have a great bunch of members encouraging each other in their various services to the community and abroad. The Thursday evening Drought and Fire BBQs in the surrounding villages are suspended until further notice, but the RAWCS bushfire support is continuing until the funds run out. Money for replacement tanks and fencing wire is still available along with the $999 gift cards for those still in need. David Denning, Ian Dyball and I have been busy with the club projects for Bobin school.
The new BBQ has arrived; the library shelving, two outdoor timber tables, sand pit cover and the Table Tennis table are in construction, and will be installed as soon as we are able to go to the school. The board will send their reports to our Secretary, Fiona, for distribution and discussion by email to all board members and with some coaching will meet by ZOOM if we find this is necessary. So until further notice please keep well and remember the 4-way test: In all things.................Yours in service above self.