Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Feb 25, 2019
Murray Difford introduced our first guest speaker Miguel Guthridge. Miguel is a student at St Claire’s High School and was also our candidate for the National Youth Science Forum held in Canberra between 16 – 27 January 2019.
The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a number of residential programs to encourage young people in their passion for science.
Miguel spoke of the fantastic opportunity that Rotary had given him in attending the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra in January 2019 as their representative. This program is designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.
He described this opportunity as an amazing, life changing experience which has opened up many other opportunities for him. He has always had a passion for science and knew that this was the path he wanted to travel.
Miguel advised that everything at the Forum was science related, except the swing dancing! He got to visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities, go on site tours, listen to lectures, which he particularly enjoyed, especially the question and answer segments. He got to participate in workshops and even got to make a tornado out of fire.
He got to go to social events and got to meet and communicate with many like minded students and also made many friends.
He again reiterated that this was an absolutely amazing and extremely interesting experience for him for which he thanked the Rotary Club of Taree for giving him this wonderful opportunity.
To see Miguel's Full Report on NYSF click here:
Murray Difford then introduced Steven Smith, the winner of the Rotary Public Speaking Competition Cluster Finals held in Walcha on the weekend. He is endorsed by the Rotary Club of Wingham.

Stephen chose not to speak on the subject which he presented during the Public Speaking Competition, but instead spoke off the cuff about his story and his family. His competition topic is titled Veterans 360 and the Invictus Games.
He advised that he was born in 2001 in Melbourne. His family then moved to Armidale and where, as he was growing up he got to attend school at TAS in Armidale. His family then moved to Wingham, where they have been for about the last 5 – 6 years, and where he attends Wingham High School and where he is currently School Captain. He noted that the contrast between the Schools from private to public was quite different. Being School Captain allows him to relate with everyone which he likes.
As he was growing up he noted, with a grin, that he used to get into quite a bit of trouble and for some reason like to run away from home all the time. Mainly for the adventure.
In Year 10 he was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on the “Young Endeavour” Youth Scheme. This Scheme is a not for profit organisation which provides young Australians aged 16-23 with a unique, challenging and inspirational experience at sea aboard the national sail training ship Young Endeavour. Stephen described some of the “hairy” situations he found himself in during this time. This was an experience he will never forget.
He talked of his family, where he has a brother in Armidale and one currently in the Navy.
Stephen advised that he had been in the Army Cadets as a Corporal. He comes from a family of military men. He also noted that he is in the last processes of joining the defence force where the Army is his first choice. He would like to have a career in business and study this whilst in service, eventually going into logistics in the Army.
Bruce Moy gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the Club to both our guest speakers. Both of them having done a wonderful job.