Sargeant at Arms Bruce Moy called the Meeting to order, and proposed a toast to R.I., the Queen and people of Australia.
President. Ross thanked Bruce, welcomed everyone, proposed a toast to Fiona Tinney for her guidance and leadership for the 2020 Ideas Forum. Les Hogarth was noted as an apology and Heather Hole was acknowledged as a guest attendee.
Treasurer Ian reported that Dr Grace’s PPE Project had raised $3,466 and more was coming in. Dr Grace reported that that first delivery of PPE items had occurred today expending half the money, whilst the other half was going to make coveralls which need to be produced yet. There will be a monthly order of PPE items. There was a discussion about exchange rates and the most cost-effective method of transferring the money, as banks often have greater charges than other modes.
Donations can be made to: BSB: 032 587 (Westpac) Account: 108163 Reference: PPE Project (Your name)
Phil Streatfeild talked about the PPE packages appeal for St Jude’s School to support family care COVID19 packages at a cost of $80 per week. Donations can be made directly or through the Club. 
Donations can be made to: BSB: 032 587 (Westpac) Account: 108163 Reference: St Jude’s Family Care Project (Your name)
David Denning mentioned the District Meeting on Sunday morning.
Neil Hanington made mention of a CCTV inquiry, which was referred to the MCC. He asked DD what progress there was from MCC regarding the Shed.
Ian Dyball told us that Tanja’s Global Grant Application had been delayed by the COVID lockdown in Uganda. He observed that in the ZOOM meeting, RI Pres Mark Maloney had mentioned that COVID had led Rotary to greater flexibility. RI Convention in Honolulu has been cancelled and will now be a virtual conference to which all members are invited June 20-26.
Secretary Fiona Tinney introduced and led the 2nd stage of the Ideas Forum with Kevin Sharp and Ian Dyball speaking about their ideas. Fiona then summarized the results of people’s survey responses, which will be reported separately with this bulletin.
Colin Rose suggested Rotarians volunteer to undertake reading activities in the Primary Schools.
Sgt at Arms Bruce conducted a fines session – David F fined $4 for the Sound of Music recording, then so was Ian D, who thought Vladimir should pay. Matt A was fined for purchasing an original Taree Wynter home. Peter T & Fiona T were fined for their Rotary anniversary & Kevin S was fined for his hat.
FINES CAN BE PAID to: BSB: 032 587 (Westpac) Account: 108163 Reference: Fines (Your Name)
REMINDER Bruce Moy on Monday nights 11th and 18th May will challenge Rotary members on the topic: “If you had chosen a different career to that which you have followed, what would that have been and why”
We are planning for there to be three to four speakers per meeting.