Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Aug 03, 2017
President David welcomed members along to our Club Assembly.
He reminded everyone of the International President’s Dinner to be held next Monday evening 31 July 2017 at Panthers Auditorium, Port Macquarie. We have had a good response from our Club with 19 members down to Attend. The evening commences at 5.45pm for 6.30pm. This will be a transfer meeting.
Wayne Robards will be taking his mini bus, so anyone who would like a lift to Port Macquarie on the night could you please see Wayne.
David also reminded everyone that during DG Bob Ryan’s visit he showed a small presentation by Ian Riseley. In this presentation Ian encouraged Rotarians to plant trees. David advised that this Friday we would be planting about 40 trees at Manning Valley Anglican College. Mark Drury will supply the trees, if members could bring a shovel with them. (Time is to be advised).
Ian Dyball then spoke about how planting trees is not something new to this Rotary Club. Ian noted that in 1955 our Club planted the jacarandas along the road as you are coming into Taree from the South side.
We planted Oleanders in 1972 near the Recreation Ground. We also planted trees in Wrigley Park near the Taree Tennis Courts in 1974. In 1979 and 1980 trees were planted in Taree Park.
In 1991 RI President Paulo Costa planted a tree in Rotary Park. In 2005 there was a joint Club venture between the three Taree Rotary Clubs and
trees were planted for the Centenary of Rotary. Each Club planted 100 trees near the Aquatic Centre taking in an area along to Gregory Close. Trees were also planted by our Club at Bishop Tyrrell Place, Cundletown when it was first opened 2010.
President David advised that we require more volunteers to assist at the Football Canteen this coming Sunday. Any assistance our members can give would be appreciated.
David advised that the issue of meeting times has been raised again and discussion took place regarding this issue, with many members putting forward their thoughts. David will take these issues to the next Board meeting for further discussion.
Phil Streatfeild advised that with regard to the Rotary Foundation Centurion Project annual fees are now due for those who are only paying by manual payment. He has payment forms available for those wishing to continue on with this membership. Phil also discussed bequeaths to the Foundation (as was discussed by PDG Maurie Stack at a recent meeting) where amounts of $10,000 and upwards can be made to the Foundation.
Jo Wilken, District Foundation Director will be a guest speaker at our Club on either 14 or 21 August 2017. This will be our Foundation Night. It is hoped to have a combined Clubs meeting.
The Group Study Exchange Team (GSE Team) going to Uganda and Tanzania are currently looking for a leader to lead their Team. Anyone interested in this position please contact Joyce Durey, GSE CHAIR 2017-2018, Phone: 02 6771 2734 Mobile: 0407 005 910 or email:
Ross Tingle advised that the organisation of the visit by our Sister Club, Okyama Chuo, in September is going well. We will also need Club members to billet our guests, if members could give consideration to this request please.
David gave an update on where we are with respect to our CCTV Project. We are still experiencing issues with NationWide Security and maintenance of the equipment which is still not fully functioning. We have now had to call upon Maurie Stack to draft a letter on our behalf to NationWide. Hopefully we will have a positive outcome.
Murray Difford spoke on the Youth Portfolio. Murray advised that with respect to the Public Speaking Competition and a few issues which have arisen with respect to the current dates. He will speak to Bob Ryan about the current dates as these may have to be changed.
President David reminded everyone that the 4th August 2017 is Jeans for Genes Day and it would be good if we could support this by wearing jeans to our meeting.