Posted by Peter Tinney on Nov 11, 2019
Dr Col gave a brief introduction to this level of the Public Speaking Competition, reminding folk that the requirements were that two speakers would speak for five minutes (with a bell after three) on a topic of their choosing and including referencing to Rotary’s Four Way Test.
The two speakers were introduced – Elizabeth Howard from Gloucester and Paige Fitzalan from Taree. Elizabeth spoke about the impact of Social Media, and used the Four Way Test to evaluate the to explore and assess the impact. Perhaps surprisingly she was quite critical of Social Media, but was passionate and organised in her presentation. 
Paige introduced her speech talking about drought effects on farmers and animals, and the importance of animals for the mental health of people. Moving on to things that impact on animals, and making a final critique of the way that racing thoroughbreds are treated following a productive racing life, and their needless and unnecessary slaughter.
Following adjudication Philip spoke about their speeches, and offered the opportunity for them to obtain skills pointers privately following the event, pointing out that both were winners and that Elizabeth had won on this occasion due to her passion.
President Ross thanked the adjudicators Yogi (Robert Weller) and Philip for their attentive and considered adjudication.