Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Aug 20, 2018
President Ian introduced Past President David Denning who spoke on his visit to Kokoda to continue with the building of the cottage for the nurses with the RAWCS Team (pictured).

Our aim was to complete container house we started last September / October 2017- Which we did except for the septic tank being install, we left a local builder to complete this work so that it will be ready for one off the Hospital nurse’s to live in very soon. Kokoda Hospital is a RAWCS project. Cost each team member $1900.00 includes air fares from Brisbane to Port Moresby. hotel in Port Moresby, all meals etc., Then to Popondetta , I had to pay to get to Brisbane from Port Macquarie and back plus 2 nights at Ibis Hotel Brisbane. We were allowed a max 15kg each for luggage x 9 = 135kg we took another 140kg of medical equipment, drugs tools and we each had to take 2 computer laptops as well.
- Spent 1 night in Port Moresby
- Spent 15 days in Kokoda
- Spent 2 nights in Sanananda.
We sent a container about 7 tons from Inverell and it was at the wharf in Oro Bay and brought up to the Hospital by David the manager of the Palm Oil Plantation at no cost to Rotary , contained 4.5 ton of school books we unloaded at the school + beds, medical equipment, bikes, tools for Trade school etc., container to be used for next house, now used as a loan center for books and bikes. It would have been nice if Lloyd Chatfield from RAWCS had recognized each club we came from rather than we all came from Inverell club. Greg Moran wants to have a bronze plaque dedicated to Bob Young placed at the Hospital in recognition of his work on the hospital , we will be ask to help with the cost.
In my end of year report, in the treasurer report we gave Rotary Kokoda Hospital $ 2956.00, that was $ 2500.00 towards the container house in 2017 before President Ian, Dianne, Sandi and I went Sept /Oct 2017 and $456.00 from our International night fund raiser for a Ryobi cordless drill, saw and angle grinder kit, 10 /8m tapes, 20 carpenter pencils and 6 1.0m Rules. All the tools were greatly appreciated and used all the time, and will be used by the next team going next year under Paul Newton. Question: Is it worth our time and money in Kokoda? Do they appreciate our work or are they thinking they don’t have to supply anything or spend any money as Rotary will do it?
Are the locals capable of maintaining the houses and hospital which is more a clinic than a hospital with doctors’. I don’t know. Working on the project was very hard, hot but very rewarding. I would recommend any of members to volunteer for the project or any other RAWCS project. Thank you David for your wonderful and inspiring presentation.