Debbie came tonight to talk to us about M&Ms and even brought some of them to illustrate the point! M&M in Rotary means “MAKING MEMBERSHIP MEMORABLE”. She highlighted the fact that it is reasonable to lose membership due to uncontrollable circumstances like change in residence or careers but there are many ways/strategies to otherwise keep our membership engaged and to improve membership retention.
Rotary thus indeed opens opportunities and this was certainly manifested in Debbie’s trip to the USA to attend the Rotary International Convention where three times she shook the hands of our incumbent Rotary International President Holger Knaack– the first time he said to her ‘your hands are cold’ and the 2nd time he said to her ‘glad to see your hands have now warmed up’!  It amazed Debbie how he can remember the person behind each of the more than 300 District Governor hands he shook!
Debbie then continued to discuss “What is rotary” illustrating that behind the apparent teamwork and opportunity to improve communication skills, Rotary is where we meet new people as well as keeping in touch with people who end up as someone we now know for years.  Debbie quoted “Make new friends but keep the old... one for silver, one for gold!”
Rotary does open opportunities from communication to mentoring to international aid travel, education, vaccination, feeding, to name a few. It is possible to get information overload what with Rotary having 7 Areas of Focus, 4 Strategic Objectives, 5 Arms of Services, Constitution/By Laws and Governance.
If you then look at your chocolate M&Ms, you will find them in different colours – in the same manner, Rotary is made up of various individuals/races/colours and this doesn’t matter, we are Rotary and everyone is welcome.  In our common aim to give hope, dignity, improve quality of life – we are all united!  When Rotary plant trees – we create and leave a legacy.  When we support and mentor young people – we in fact, take someone’s  hands to achieve their dreams.
On that note, Debbie encourages everyone to do our part in M&M “making membership memorable” - for the right reasons, for the right people in the right clubs, for delivering the right projects.