Posted by Ian Woollard on Mar 13, 2019
We won the Youth Award at the recent District Conference for 2018-19.
Below the Youth Director Murray Difford with President Ian Woollard

The Rotary Club of Taree was acknowledged for its involvement in youth activities, during the annual Rotary District 9650 conference in Armidale.

President Ian Woollard and Di Woollard as well as president elect Ross Tingle and Ruth and other members of the Rotary Club of Taree attended the conference, which they proclaimed as being highly successful.

Members of Rotary Club Taree are involved with many youth activities.

An association was developed with MidCoast Council and its Manning Youth Support Services team, and more particularly with the volunteer offshoot, the Manning Youth Action Team (MYAT).

The club has developed its Rotary Youth Ambassador program. Its first ambassador Mitchell Brown was a nominee for the local Australia Day Youth Award, a title that he won. As ambassador, he was required to undertake a local community project - a fundraiser for the Hunter Wind Ensemble (a second such event has already taken place).

Marylan Sendah, the club's next ambassador, was chosen by her school peers and executive body is a top student with activities outside her exceptional scholastic achievements. Her project for Rotary was to ensure the formation of a developed MYAT program and is the founder president. She is the District 9650 public speaking winner and visited New Zealand on Rotary duties there.

Current ambassadors are Ashly Selibio and Cayley Cribb in a joint role. Their joint tasks this year are three fold - to undertake a peer presentation/discourse on "who am I" issues, to further MYAT participation into the community and undertake a role in the club's Ugandan Women's Empowerment project.

The club has a sister club relationship with Okayama Chuo in Japan and a regular interchange of members has always taken place. That program was extended to include youth and last year the club's first Youth Ambassador was sent to the sister club and their nominated delegate to Taree on a week long exchange.

Bailee Pinnock, exchange student with grand parents Herb and Dawn Beer at a Rotary meeting.

Exchange student Bailee Pinnock has recently returned from a year in Denmark. During the year she stayed with three different families and attended a school that was 500 years old with ballrooms, chandeliers and grand pianos.

Taree Rotary also organises the RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) program each year where it encourages learner drivers to become aware of their responsibilities and dangers when they are driving.