Posted by Peter Tinney on Aug 03, 2019
Dianna shared a little about her life and her feelings about her visit.
Honorary Member Diana Chashchina returned to Irkutsk in Siberia this week. Diana has enjoyed her exposure to Western Democracy and Australian Culture.
Diana enjoyed her visit to Taree and district. She said that she was most impressed by happy nature of Australians and when you asked how they were they always said good whereas in Russia the always tell how they are!
Diana gave us an interesting insight into life in Siberia, some of her interests and activities at home. She lives with her mother and grandmother in Irkutsk and has a Dacha nearby where they grow vegetables and fruit. She lives near Lake Baikal largest fresh water lake in world and very deep, over a 1.5 km in depth. It freezes over in winter and motor vehicles can be driven on it. Irkutsk has recently had big floods and those rendered homeless were provided no government assistance.
Diana visited various business activities during her stay such as Midcoast Council, Manning Support Services Alan Small Photographic, an accountant and Australian Music Foundation, Matty Zarb. She commented that people in Russia did not engage in voluntary work. Diana enjoyed her stay, the weather and the warm surf. She thanked her hosts and the Taree Rotary for their friendship and hospitality.