With three heaters on and still freezing at his house in Taree, during the imposed solitude brought on by pandemic – Murray realized he needed to move to somewhere warm.
The stars proved to be in alignment as the house he had been living in the past seven  years, bought from the people who built and lived in it all their lives, got sold even before ‘open home’ inspections began!
With his three dogs, on his 30 year old defender, he went for a drive to where the ‘weather is perfect one day, stunning the next’ - Ended up in Maryborough and found it a lovely place, it is after all north of Noosa, home of Mary Poppins and the “heritage capital of Queensland”
With his checklist of a spacious home, with fenced land – he found himself – single man with three dogs – the owner of a colonial 4- bedroom 1000sqm garden home exactly as he wished for! - He was back to Taree after seven days to face the inveitable gigantic task of packing up seven years worth of stuff!
President David presented Murray with farewell gifts and card, copy of our club bulletin and annual report, remembrance of our club. Murray had been acknowledged for the great contribution to our Club, ‘a fine member of our club’ who sorted a lot of things for us while here– serving as President, Treasurer, Youth Director and in last three years Assistant Governor. He was one of four who spearheaded the Taree and MidCoast Bushfire Appeal last year, raising around $350,000 for the bushfire victims, personally drove around, met and talked to ‘every single one of those who lost their homes’! Thank you for all the appreciation “I am immensely proud to be a Rotarian and felt privileged to be part of and serving the community” -Murray