Here we all are on ZOOM
Hello everyone,
Wow we did it, thanks to the perseverance of our Webmaster David Fisher and all those who gave it a go, it was a great success, where 27 members attended.
We even managed to induct Bas Vlastuin into our club, and I gave him his members folder at Taree Photographic on Tuesday where Alan Small kindly photographed the event.
 Our member from Uganda Tanja Curcic was with us also and gave us an update of her work there, and the heads up on the Rotary Grant she is working for.
 Our member Grace Maano also achieved getting the support of Philip Streatfeild and Susie Ploder, on a committee to seek a grant from RAWCS, for medical supplies to the hospitals in the Philippines to combat the CORONAVIRUS there.
 Sergeant Bruce Moy managed to get some fines which Treasurer Ian has recorded, and whilst we are doing Zoom meetings maybe the best idea will be to keep count of your fines and pay them each month straight into the club account.
 We will meet again this Monday night at 7:30 on ZOOM when Dr. Col will tell us of his experiences visiting overseas. Please let either David Denning or myself know if this time of 7:30pm is suitable for our future meetings on Monday nights. Please contact David Fisher by phone if you are experiencing difficulty joining ZOOM for Monday and he will be able to talk you through it. We hope that all members will be present this week. Kind regards. Thanks for playing it HARD
President Ross