Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Feb 11, 2019
Phil Streatfield introduced Bailee Pinnock to us again, now that she has returned from her exchange to Denmark.

During her stay in Denmark Bailee provided monthly reports to us which we all enjoyed reading. Bailee has been an excellent representative of our Club, of Rotary, of the Manning Valley and of Australia. 
During her time in Denmark she has learned a new language, coped extremely well with whatever situation came her way and has been a great ambassador for us.
Baillee gave her presentation where she advised that her host Rotary Club was within District 1440 in Jutland.
Jutland is a 3 hour train ride from Copenhapgen, and a 2 hour train ride to Germany.
Jutland and its 400 surrounding islands form one of Europe's smallest countries. Denmark has an abundance of picturesque villages and towns, historic castles and monuments, and a coastline that varies from broad sandy beaches to small coves and gentle fjords.
She advised that the trip from Australia to her new home for 12 months took 39 hours.
When she arrived she had “oldies” to show her the ropes. These are other exchange students who have been on exchange for about 6 months already. She was considered a
Bailee advised that her Host Rotary Club held its meetings on a Thursday. Two weeks after her arrival she went to what they call “Intro Camp” where she met other
exchange students and undertook many activities. She advised that she had lots of fun at Intro Camp.
She also went to London in May and went on a Euro Tour where she visiting ten different countries. This trip was over a period of 4 weeks. Bailee advised that she got to spend 10 hours at Disneyland, Paris which was great.
Three days after her Euro Tour she got to go on a sailing tour for 6 days. They stopped at various little towns along the way. She was so lucky and got to learn how to sail. She was also pleased to announce that she won the Best Sailor Award.
In September she went to Spain for a week with her host family where they got to in AirBNBs. During this time she went to the beach, museums, historical sites and they also did a scavenger hunt.
Bailee noted that from May to the start of September are the School holidays in Denmark. One of the things that she remembers is that at one time they went night bathing where the water was about -15 degrees. Very, very cold.
In August her group became “oldies” to the “newbies” being the new exchange students to arrive.
In October she went to Holbaek near Copenhagen. This town has a population of approximately 26,960. They had a big get together with 135 students from other countries. At this gathering Bailee told us she had to dress up as something that represented your Country. She went as a convict.
In September it was her birthday and her host family threw her a party, where it was all Australian food – typically sausage rolls, meat pies, fairy bread etc.
Her school she attended was around 500 years old and very grand. It had ballrooms, chandeliers and grand pianos in some of the rooms.
In the time that she was in Denmark she had 3 different host families. In school she was in a class of 19 students, 17 girls and 2 boys. Everyone was really nice.
She found that the weather was really cold, with the temperature not getting above 15 degrees.
The lowest temperature she experienced was -15 degrees. Bailee said it rained about 70% of the
Herb Beer (Bailee’s grandfather) gave the vote of thanks on behalf of our Club. He thanked Bailee for a most interesting talk and noted how proud he was of her.
Everyone was most impressed with Bailee and her presentation. She handled herself well and answered the many questions asked of her with enthusiasm and maturity. An excellent presentation.
Well done Bailee you have done us proud and we all enjoyed your monthly reports.