Posted by Max Carey on Oct 11, 2018
Guest Speaker Judy Hollingworth -  Chairman of local Push for Palliative Care Committee.
Judy  spoke of her involvement with Palliative Care Committee since its inception three years ago. Committee  has raised over $ 105,000 during last three years to provide equipment for use in palliative care units and home use.
Judy lives on Mitchell Island in close proximity to two other couples with view to being of mutual support in case of future need of care.
Judy spoke of need for people to have a social network as they age.
Spoke of Baby Boomers generation reaching age when care may be required.
It is important that people be cared for and provide with pain relief and other needs as they age and perhaps have debilitating conditions.
Important to optimise the quality of life for people with terminal conditions..
Judy was born in India and experienced having her mother require this care, as she suffered severe medical condition in last years of her life. This made Judy realise need for such assistance.
Judy spoke of the need for a National strategy for Palliative Care as more people reach the age when it may be required.  Also need for Hunter Manning Health allied health care to become more involved.