Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Apr 14, 2019
Ken spoke to our Club on the Riverstage Project, giving an overview of where this project is now up to. He provided brochures for members to read.
President Ian Woollard, Ken Raison and Neil Hanington
A stage brings boundless possibilities to our town. From watching comedy, theatre and music by the river to hosting an outdoor cinema – there is so much we can do. Sporting events coverage will be amplified on stage and schools and all sorts of community groups could utilise this fabulous new performance space.
They hope to encourage all types of events to the stage and have had quite a bit of interest to date, particularly from local businesses.
The Stage is to be built on crown land which is managed by our local Council.
Taree is a town where the community makes great things happen. Nearly all of our events come straight from the heart of volunteers. We couldn’t have facilities like the Manning Entertainment Centre or the Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre if it wasn’t for the valuable contributions of people in our town.
By supporting the Riverstage Project you are supporting our town and the future of the Manning Valley. (Please note: This article is a recycled version of a previous article within our Bulletin. Unfortunately this editor missed the meeting so has had to improvise.)