“Peter Stevenson is a highly accomplished studio and live musician, music arranger, producer, songwriter and recording engineer who has worked with some of the most talented and decorated music industry people in the world. This has made him one of the most in demand and respected record producers and musicians, winning and being nominated for a host of international and national awards with artists and projects he has produced, played on and directed.
But behind that warm and welcoming smile is a brilliant, creative and prolific mind whose passionate love of music combined with his unique versatility and musical talent has involved him in many different musical styles, genres and opportunities. One day he could be producing music for an ad for TV, the next working with an orchestra followed by a rock band and a company of voices for a musical. Another session could be programming music for a computer game or football theme song.
From left: PDG Ian Dyball, Peter Stevenson, PP Ross Tingle, President David Denning, De and PDG Maurie Stack, Dr Grace Maano, Ivan Shandanski, PP Bruce Moy
Styles include orchestral, pop, rock, jazz, acoustic, blues, blues rock, country, country rock, indie, folk, classical, fusion, concert bands, choral, rap, metal, children’s, ambient, EDM, house, techno, reggae, hip hop, R&B, chamber music, pop rock.
He and his wife Sharen started Turn Around Music which has not only been a vibrant studio but the birthing place of literally hundreds of great songs, artists and projects for both Australia and beyond.”
Adapted from https://turnaroundmusic.com.au/about/
Peter entertained the club members last week with sample of his work starting with a musical for a funeral-film scene featuring orchestra music, followed by a ‘Saxby’ commercial jingle. He also mentioned that when he works his grandchildren are around so he considers writing his music appropriate for kids, and shared one of his musical production involving his grandkids.
Peter produced his first album at age 13 yrs and had been involved in concerts around Australia. Bob Berrigan, a local musician and keyboard player had set up music shop in the region and was instrumental in bringing Peter to Taree.
Peter’s friend – Past District Governor and member of Rotary Club Taree on Manning Maurie Stack with wife De attended the meeting in support of Peter’s work. Peter had played song for Murray’s niece Katie Hardyman who is also a musician and songwriter – you can find her on Facebook at
Peter admits he can’t sing – ‘the only singer at home is a sewing machine’. In writing jingles of various kinds, he works out what genre it is and chooses
the chords that would create the perfect harmony! As a music producer he arrange music according to the singer’s voice.
Peter was introduced by PP Ross and thanked by PP Ian Woollard with a gift of donation towards 50 polio vaccine that save children’s lives.
Thank you Peter for gracing our Rotary meeting with your musical presence!!!
We would love to have you again.