Posted by Max Carey on Sep 13, 2019
John Roetman was born in Holland  and came to Australia with his parents in1951. They first lived in Bathurst  then Wentworth Falls.
John and his wife Jacquie
The family built a house there in 1952 and John went to school there, then Katoomba High School. He obtained Leavign Certificate in 1961.
He then became an apprentice Sheet Metal  Fabrication in Harboard now Freshwater.
He travelled to Europe via Trans SiberianRailway via Irkutz in 1976 and spent a couple years travelling England and Europe in a Kombi Van. Many adventures he tells us!
Came home from London via Kathmandu.  Joined Lords Safe manufacturing Company and moved to Taree in 1988. He met Jacquie in1983 and they have a daughter Mercedes.
Lords Safe Company closed 2010 so John retired. Many interests. Arts Council and especially Dragon Boat racing where he met Warren Blanche. Enjoys bush bike riding. They have two grandchildren living on Northern Beaches.  He indicated he is looking forward to being involved in Rotary activities.