Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Mar 05, 2018
Monday evening saw us putting our heads together to look at ways to increase membership into our Club. This evening was conducted by Alan Small in Ashleigh’s absence and as part of the Membership Committee. Alan commenced the meeting with the following opening words:
"Fellow Rotarians - tonight is about renewal and recovery.
I think it is fair to say that all similar organisations to Rotary - throughout the world - are experiencing some form of decline in membership, and to some extent, the structure of their organisations.
The reasons are many: an ageing population, difficult economics, longer hours at work, greater focus on careers and education, increasing family  responsibilities - and so on.
It would be easy to misinterpret the lower numbers in these valuable world organisations, such as ours, as a developing emergency.
I doubt it. It well could be if we do nothing; but what is required is a carefully considered response, leading to a program of renewal - and that is what tonight is all about; a constructive, stimulating and positive program of renewal for the Rotary Club of Taree.
It is my view that we need careful organic growth: that is to say, we need to enlist the services of people who get as much out of being a Rotarian as they deliver to Rotary in services and time. In other words, people who will readily adopt the culture of Rotary – people who will understand and appreciate Rotary's worthwhile, historic and cultural values.
To achieve this, we not only need to choose our new people carefully, but we also need to mentor them; educate them in the ways of Rotary and encourage them with fellowship and friendship."
Alan also advised that on behalf of Ashley and the group, he would like to thank the members for the very constructive input and suggestions, and their enthusiasm for regaining membership of our club.
Thank you Alan for your words and input into a very successful meeting.