(Courtesy of Manning River Times)
 Signing up for a health check when the van visited Taree in April 2018. Pictured is Graham McMorrine with Rotarian Max Carey, registered nurse Robert Woolley, Rotarians Murray Difford and Laurie Easter.

The Rotary Mens Health Education Rural Van (mherv) is out and about in rural NSW to save lives, and is visiting Taree this week, offering free health checks to men.

Mherv will be parked outside the Blue Cross Op Shop in Manning Street on Friday, January 31 between 10am and 4pm. No appointments are necessary.

Saving lives sounds a bit dramatic perhaps, but plenty of rural men just drop dead in the paddock, because nobody saw it coming, Rotary says.

Many men have not been into a doctors surgery for years.

Mhervs job is to shine a light into the future for these blokes, with a few simple tests. Its a 10 minute exercise that includes checking blood pressure, body mass, blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

This free service has been set up by Rotary District 9670 and is managed and directed by volunteer Rotarians.

Rotary is appealing to women to urge their men to visit mherv.