Posted by Ashley Cleaver on Oct 15, 2018

Members of Rotary Club of Taree gathered at Rotary Park to celebrate the unveiling of a montage which features photographs of development of the Manning Valley over last 200 years.

These photos were collected by photographer and businessman, Alan Small over many years and are now are mounted for display at Rotary Park.

The montage was printed by Jeff Chambers of Barrier Signs as his contribution to recording some of the history of Taree. The Rotary Club of Taree much appreciated his support.

Rotary Club of Taree president Ian Woollard, Rotarians Max Carey and Alan Small and MidCoast mayor David West with the mural which is now located at Rotary Park.
There are photographs of cream boats and steamers on the river as well as of the bullock teams that carted logs to local timber mills. There are photos of Taree’s main street 100 years ago featuring many buildings such as Connells with its unique colonnade, and many other historical buildings and events.

This montage is well worth a visit to Rotary Park, situated north of Taree near the Manning Entertainment Centre and Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre.

Rotary Park was constructed in 1980 by the Rotary Club of Taree on land provided by the Taree City Council and has been added to and maintained over the years by Rotary.

More News:

This meeting was held at Rotary Park. Rotary Members attended the unveiling of the Manning Valley Montage at Rotary Park then proceeded to Club Taree for Dinner. President Ian opened proceedings by thanking Alan Small for his work in putting together the photo montage of the journey into history of the Manning Valley. Mayor David West congratulated Rotary for their vision in creating such a photographic history of the Manning Valley. Max Carey presented brief history of Rotary Park and Dianne sent this message to Di Chambers, Barrier Signs on Monday night: We have just had the unveiling of the Rotary Park mural. A big thanks to Jeff and his team for his work making the mural look so fantastic. We had a lot of our Rotary members and David the Mayor at the unveiling. Di’s reply was: It’s a pleasure to do good signs for people who do so much for the broader community, Thanking you xx and Rotary Members moved a vote of appreciation and a very big thank you was given to Jeff at Barrier Signs for their very generous contribution, followed by a rousing round of applause by all present. Also at our meeting it was reported that the Canteen which was manned on Sunday 14 October was very successful. This was a special finals day with Mid North Coast and Newcastle teams. Good attendance of spectators and thanks to weather a pleasant day. Financially, we had satisfactory takings of around $600.00.

Members of Rotary Club of Taree gathered at Rotary Park to celebrate the unveiling of this montage wich features pictures of development of the Manning Valley over last 200 years. Thes pictures were collected by Alan Small over many years and are now are mounted for display at Rotary Park. The Montage was printed by Jeff Chambers of Barrier signs as his contribution to recording some of the history of Taree. Rotary Club Taree much appreciated his support. There are pictures of cream boats and steamers on the river as well as pictures of the bullock teams that carted logs to local timber mills.There are pictures of Taree main street 100 years ago featuring many buildings such as Connells with its unique awning, and many other historical buildings and events This Montage is well worth a visit to Rotary Park situated north of Taree near Entertainment Centre and Pool. Rotary Park was constructed in 1980 by Rotary Club Taree on land provided by the Taree City Council and with their asistance and has been added to and maintained over the years by Rotary.

At our meeting Max Carey gave a brief outline of history of Rotary Park. During the Rotary year 1969/70 when Max Carey was president of our Club it was decided to construct Rotary Park. Taree Municipal Council had recently commenced development of the Taree Recreational Park area and there was a piece of land not required for sporting purposes available. Under the guidance of Wilf Connors who was a horticulturist (farmer) and who also selected the trees. Norm Jones - builder, Bob Young - technical advice, Keith Griffin. earth moving of rocks from Lansdowne. Roadworks and toilets by Taree City Council and much labour from many of our members who attached shingles to roofs of shelters built by Norm Jones. Shelter roof frames were transported to Valley Industries where Rotarians, over a few weeks, attached the forest oak shingles obtained from Timbertown and also some red mahogany shingles on the B BQ which we split ourselves. The last of the shingles were replaced after 37 years. Many Rotarians carried water in buckets to keep trees alive. During the next year when Bob Young was president he added other shelters with three tables and the following year Bob Berry added two more shelters. Rotary has generally helped maintained the area over the years.