Posted by Peter Tinney on Aug 18, 2019
Sergeant Warren welcomed us and we began with toasting RI, Australia and the Queen, then introduced President Ross who continued toasting Kevin Sharp for his ongoing efforts and leadership of our Australia Day Charity Golf Day. Brief reports were given by Kevin Sharp about the presentation last week at the Taree Rotary Golf day which we have sponsored for the past 22 years. PDG Ian reported about Polio Plus, and reminded us about Ride Like a Girl as a fundraiser for Rotary Foundation
Guest Speaker – President Ross
Our “guest” speaker last Monday night was our very own President – Ross Tingle. In his opening words, Ross said “I am just an ordinary person.”
This is a timely reminder of the words of Sir Clem Renouf, an accountant from the small country Rotary Club of Nambour, Queensland on accepting the nomination as President of Rotary International (1978/79). Clem said “Rotary takes ordinary people and gives them extraordinary opportunities to do more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible.” There is little doubt that Ross, and indeed each of us, can relate to those words.
Ross went on to say that our lives are result of our choices, the company we keep and how we respond to the circumstances that come upon us. He talked about his family background and interactions; how he reacted to the changes around him, some personal stories and reflections about the things that are important to him, and the opportunities he had experienced, as a result of his family life and he observed that his dad was his hero. He talked a little about his faith journey as a Christian, and the chance to be involved in prison ministry. He made his final comment that joining Rotary in 2007 had given new meaning to how to live life in community, by serving the community we live in.