Posted by Peter Tinney on Oct 20, 2019
Meeting opened by President Ross Tingle.
President Ross welcomed everyone and offered a Toast to Sandi Outtrim for her welfare work on behalf of the Club and her enthusiastic support for Canteen over the year. President Ross also gave us an update on our program for the next few weeks.
Phil Streatfeild gave an update about a possible visit 2nd December from our short term student visitor (from 2018) Natsuko Misawa from Okayama Chuo in Japan. Also details of a potential visit to our Club by Jemma from St Jude’s School on 23 March 2020. This might be an opportunity to invite other clubs along.
THE GUEST SPEAKER was to be Neil Taylor, however he injured himself and was unavailable.
Neil Hanington spoke about his foray into the Horse-racing industry, and his horse Lucky Square.
Brian Hole spoke about his experience and commitment to protecting and caring for Little Terns and their habitat, and protecting them from their many predators, the monitoring of their numbers and the breeding program to restore their numbers locally.
Brian Braithwaite is a self-proclaimed “car nut” who described his love, obsession with MGs, TCs, and others, and the plans he has to update his present vehicle with new wheels and tyres. It reminded me of the Newcastle song – twinoverhead door handles!
Les Hogarth completed the program with a poem from AB “Banjo” Paterson.