“If you had chosen a different career to that which you have followed, what would that have been and why??”
1. Neil Hanington thought he might have been a teacher, or I think he fancied himself as a footballer, but got a job with the Greater Taree County Council which began his career, and led him to Northern Power, and then finally to become General Manager of Midcoast Water.
2. Kevin Sharp entered training as a carpenter, never stopped learning and upgrading qualifications. Held a range of positions in TAFE. Went to PNG with May and worked in Technical Education until the dangers of living there led them back home. He talked about a range of positions and his final position in TAFE was Principal at Taree TAFE. His highlights included being on the Board and as Clerk of Works for Storm Village.
Bruce Moy thanked the speakers and handed back to President Ross.