Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Oct 22, 2017
Past President Murray welcomed members to the meeting. He also gave a special welcome to Di Rose.

The Hunter Wind Ensemble event held last Thursday evening was an excellent night. This concert was held at St. John’s Church, Taree. There was an excellent turnout to support the Ensemble. This was a fund raiser to help raise enough funds to help send these wonderful musicians to Spain and Portugal next year.
With respect to the Public Speaking Competition, the date for our Club speaking will be 6 November 2017. The Finals are to be held in Wingham (date to be advised).
A postcard has been received from the President of the Rotary Club of Okyama Chuo expressing their thanks and appreciation for a wonderful time during their recent visit.
Ross Tingle also thanked everyone for their help and assistance with our 80th Anniversary Dinner.
Ashley Cleaver – Membership Director spoke to the Club regarding membership and encouraged members to seek out people to come to our meetings.
Murray advised that help is required for Saturday 21 October 2017 at an event being held at Jandra Quarry. We will supply the barbeque. Volunteers are required.
Murray told a wonderful story of his experience at his very first dog show which was held at Kendall on the weekend. It sounded like quite the experience but lots of fun at the same time. For a first timer he went away with a couple of awards. Well done Murray, or should I say Murray’s dog.