Posted by Peter Tinney on Sep 21, 2019
We met at Harrington Waters Golf Club.
President Ross opened meeting and welcomed everyone. Ross proposed a toast to Ralph Godwin.
David Denning reported on the end of Football Canteen for 2019 and reminding us that staff would be needed for a Bunnings BBQ on 27 October.
Di Woollard informed us that our Rotary shirts are now ready.
Colin Rose reminded us that the High School Rotary Public Speaking Competition will be held on Monday 23rd September. Participants will be from MVAC and Chatham High.
President Ross mentioned that he had met with Midcoast Council about a project near the play equipment on the riverbank. The new play area is called” LIVVI’S PLACE PLAYSPACE” and is in the memorial park near the bridge.
Bruce Moy our Sergeant at Arms conducted a fines session, and then finished off by sharing a little poetry. Kevin Sharp took the opportunity to tell us that today was the 44th anniversary of the independence of PNG.
Guest Speaker for the evening, David Fisher, was introduced by Neil Hanington. David described the history of the development of Harrington Waters, and the extensive work done by the Roach family. It was a detailed and thorough description which we all appreciated.