Posted by Max Carey on Dec 24, 2018
Rotary Club Taree met for last time this year at Manning River Aero Club, a venue we have used in the past when Manuel Zaunders catered for us. This year Mark Drury took over the task and served very tasty grilled mullet with savoury spice batter. Also on the menu were manning River prawns and oysters supplied by President Ian, served with salads supplied by Rotarians. Finished off with chocolate ice cream sticks.
Members enjoyed a relaxed evening. Heather Hole read out Christmas messages from Japan.
Message to Heather & Brian,
Sorry we cannot send the calendars anymore. Takao Iwashiro’s friend, Takashi Ono, resigned from the Okayama Chuo Rotary Club because of ill health and that is why he can’t send the calendars any more.
Please send our best regards to your Club Members.
President Ian wished all present a Merry Christmas with their families and friends.