Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Jul 24, 2017
President David welcomed members and guests to the meeting.
He extended a warm welcome to our special guests for the night DG Bob Ryan and his wife Margaret.
Sergeant at Arms, Warren Blanch, made the toasts to Rotary, Australia and the Queen.
President David then made his President’s toast to Ashley Cleaver for his contribution to our Club by taking all Club photos and providing information and photos to the local media publicizing our Club. A big thank you and well done Ashley.
President David handed over to DG Bob Ryan who spoke of the sad passing of Sam Owori. Bob advised that Sam was a personal friend and will be greatly missed. He advised that Sam was an inspiration to many through his hard work within Rotary. It is clear that his impact and legacy were felt worldwide.
David advised that painting of the demountable at Manning Valley Anglican College has now been completed. He extended his thanks to Ross Tingle, Bruce Moy, Neal Hanington and Kevin Sharp for all their help and assistance on this project.
A big thank you to David Fisher for compiling and producing the Club Directory. This is a time consuming task and David’s commitment to providing this directory is to be commended.
Ross Tingle spoke of the up and coming visit by our Japanese sister club – Okyama Chuo, who will be visiting for our 80th Birthday Celebration in September. We will require people to billet members from this Club. (Please see more information in Ross’ article).
Phil Streatfeild advised that Centurion Membership was now due again. He will talk further about the Centurion program at our Club Assembly.
President David reminded everyone that our 80th Birthday of the handing over of our Charter which is to be held on 23 September 2017.