Posted by Peter Tinney on Dec 08, 2019
Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order and proposed the toast to Rotary International, The Queen and Australia.
President Ross opened the meeting and welcomed members to our Christmas Dinner also welcoming Misawa Natsuko and her parents from the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo, Japan. The family invited members of the Club to join them for a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony in our next visit to Japan, since it would strengthen Rotary friendship.
Ian Woollard, Club Treasurer reported that the Audited Accounts 2018- 19 were to be tabled at the Board Meeting Wednesday evening. It was noted that Mitchell Brown (our previous student short exchange to Okayama Chuo) and the Manning Valley Concert Band would perform a concert at the MEC on Sunday 8th December with proceeds going to the Rotary Bushfire Appeal.
David Denning drew people’s attention to the Rotary Christmas Tree which had been cut for us by Manning Steel. The tree would be entered in the Festival of Trees at St John’s Church Taree from Friday night until Sunday 15th December. Gifts would be distributed to those in need in the lead up to Christmas. He also reminded us what was coming up in the program
David Fisher, our Webmaster said he’d received notice of donations from Rotary Contacts.
Sandra Fishwick spoke of her family/farm experience during the fires and paid tribute to family for fighting the fires all night; saving the home, sheds and equipment however damage to the orchards and irrigation systems is great, and some irreparable. She also thanked the Department of Forestry for their help. Sandra also has raffle tickets for a Bushfire fundraising raffle from the local Rotary e-club, the prize 5 nights for 2 in Fiji.
Peter Tinney talked about the need to celebrate and remain hopeful in the season of Christmas, and then prayed a blessing on the food and members. Bruce Moy spoke about “Take a Break on Us”, which was followed by a fine session. President Ross then introduced Past President David Denning and spoke about his generous contribution to the community in a range of ways and presented him with a PHF, Sapphire pin. Then Ross welcomed and spoke about the contribution made by Robert (Yogi) Weller as a Speaking Competition adjudicator; awarding him a Paul Harris Fellowship. In his response Yogi said he was always encouraged by the care and concern and enthusiasm for youth shown by Rotary and Lions Clubs. Les Hogarth read a range of poems Rotary Bushfire Appeal is a project of Rotary in the Manning Valley. It is a RAWCS project which will allow us to contribute $999 to each qualifying family. The qualification is the loss of their homes by fire.