Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Aug 26, 2018
President Ian welcomed members to our meeting, which is our Membership Meeting.
His toast for the night was to Past President Murray for all his hard work with respect to our Battery Muster Project. This Project has taken off and is a credit to all the hard work put in by Murray and his team. Congratulations and well done. 
President Ian reported that the Manning Point Bowling Club had raised $2020 for Drought appeal at the weekend.
Past President Murray reported that the RAWCS fundraising for the Drought Appeal was very successful, more details later.
He also advised that our nominee for the National Youth Science Forum, Miguel Guthridge, was successful and will attend the briefing at Walcha on 30 September 2018. He indicated that Bianca has two applicants for our Youth Ambassador, one from Chatham High School and one from St Claire’s High School.
Director Neil Hanington reported that he will be attending an Adjudication session at Taree Court House to attempt to resolve dispute with Nation Wide Security regarding our CCTV security cameras that have been installed for some time but are not working most of the time.
Neil also indicated that we have not been asked, to date, to assistant with parking at the Old Bar Festival this year as functions are being managed by a private company who may not require our assistance.
Mitchell Brown has returned from Japan, you may have seen his pictures on Facebook and in Bulletin. We will hear from him at a later time President Ian advised on reports he has received from Japan regarding the recent floods. The Football Canteen on the weekend was manned by David Denning and Sandi, Murray and Ian, and advised not a busy day. One week to go for canteen. Going forward we need to have assurance of numbers to man the Canteen if we contract for it again next year. Pres Ian reported that the 3 Taree Rotary clubs are negotiating for a site at Kolodong to build a shed to store Rotary archives and materials. Alan Small displayed first edition of Manning Panorama for members which was favourably received. Still some negations needed with Council before proceeding. Methods of printing and erection are being discussed. Max