Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Feb 11, 2018

President David welcomed members and guests to our meeting.

He also welcomed visiting partners to our meeting. He gave a special President’s toast to our Club Member Rod Latimore, our quiet achiever, for all his efforts in assisting and helping our Club.

David also advised that at the last Board Meeting ideas from our Club Assembly were discussed. One in particular being the length of our meetings which we will endeavour to keep to time.

He also advised that new Club Member Tanja Curcic and Chris were recently married.  They will be heading back to Uganda shortly.  But in the meantime they have undertaken another project in which to supply soccer balls to some of the villages.  Our Club has undertaken to support this project.

David reminded members that at our next meeting we will be discussing the proposed district merger.  We will then vote on this issue.

Mark Drury advised that the arrangements for the Pakistan Night are coming along well.  We will require about 5 members to volunteer to assist with setting up etc.  This will be a fundraiser with funds to go towards Eradicating Polio.

Our Member Jamil’s wife will be catering on the night traditional Pakistan food.  This will be an alcohol free night.  Numbers are required by next Monday night.

Mark also gave an update on the GSE Team we are hosting.  Instead of 11 members coming there will now only be 4.  He will keep us updated with further information as this is to hand.

Murray advised that he will be unable to attend the up and coming markets at Old Bar and Nabiac in order to advertise the Battery Muster Project as he will be away.  Volunteers were called for to assist on these days.

All members sang Happy Birthday to Club Member Brian Braithwaite who had a Birthday on Monday night.  Brian was #### years young.  Congratulations Brian and Happy Birthday for Monday night.