We have the best staff in the world! A bold statement but I believe it’s true – there are no teachers more passionate, cooks more diligent, cleaners more thorough, gardeners more devoted, guards more focused, drivers more attentive and an admin team more industrious than those I’m privileged to work alongside.

And, a truly heart-warming fact is that each salary we pay to one staff member, on average, supports five people – that’s 1,500 more people in the community seeing a difference in their lives because of you! Children can go to school; medical bills can be paid; a better diet can be enjoyed and electricity can be turned on at home. These are just some of the stories my staff have told me.

But there is even more heart-warming news – two extremely generous supporters have offered up to AU$500,000 between them as a matching donation to help us raise the stakes during our annual appeal. If we can raise the same amount in donations and new sponsorships, your impact will be doubled. You can make twice the difference to St Jude’s staff – so, help us meet our match!
Because of you, St Jude’s has nearly 300 local staff – over 50 have been working here for more than 10 years – sharing your dedication to the school’s mission. Also, I have truly admired their devotion to the school during this pandemic. Now I’ll let them proudly share their personal stories…
As COVID-19 continues to take its toll here in Tanzania, our staff graciously accepted a reduction to their salaries and working days. But, I need your help in the coming months to ensure I can continue to keep all of our staff employed. With job security they will remain focused on our mission to provide education to our 1,800 students.