Posted by Ian Dyball on Jan 21, 2019
PDG Ian Dyball provided us with an update on the planned visit of the Russian University graduate who our Rotary Club will be hosting during her 4 week business and cultural experience in Australia.
Diana Chashchina is from Irkutsk, Siberia in Russia. She will graduate this July with a Business Degree from the Irkutsk State University. Diana has been selected by Professor PDG Vladimir Donskoy to participate in a program called “Watch and Learn”. The purpose of this program is to give Russian business students exposure to and experience in a
western democracy, and how companies and management operate.
Vladimir is very keen that his students come to understand ethical business practices, and also be given the opportunity to experience social responsibility and the value of volunteering that underpins our community.

Ian explained his involvement with Vladimir since the mid 1990s in the establishment and early development of Rotary in Russia. Ian brought Vladimir to Taree several years ago, and when Ian and Judy met with him at the Rotary Australia Conference in Hobart last year, Vladimir wanted us to be part of his “swansong” – taking the last of his students before he retires. About 15 years ago our club hosted two of Vladimir’s students, Svetlana Perevelova and Anna Maksimenko.

We expect Diana to arrive in early July. Incidentally, she will have her 22nd birthday today, January 24th. There is no doubt that our members, and the wider community of the Manning Valley will be able to give Diana some wonderful learning experiences, and in turn we will learn something about life in modern day Russia.