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This Monday 21st  March 2022
District Conference Update
Time: 6pm for 6.30pm start 
Venue: Club Taree
Chair: Neil Hanington
Meet and Greet: Gerard Connolly
Club Announcements

President Susie Ploder announced Rotary BBQ at Bunnings to be held on Sat May 7th, volunteers needed, pls contact our Fundraising Director Warren Blanch if able to assist.
This coming weekend is our District 9650 conference at Port Macquarie and the Monday meeting on March 21st will be update from members who are attending the conference.  The Riverstage Concert on March 25 at this point is going ahead and we will need Rotary Volunteers to help.

Past President David Denning informed the club of the cancellation of the MidCoast Council Community BBQ on 18th March 2022 at Wingham Park. Please note that the COmmunity BBQ at Taree  on the 8th of April is going ahead.

Fundraising Director Warren Blanch reported that the Community Raffle night last Friday 11th March at Club Taree had successfully raised $435 on the night from the raffle attended by 8 members, well done everyone!

Club Member Judy Richardson - Australian Ambassador for Shelterbox advised that the "ShelterBox 2021 Partnership Impact" Report Magazine is now available, a copy was passed around, mentioning 28,000 families were supported by ShelterBox  last year.  ShelterBox, a worthwhile organization is now heavily involved in partnership with Rotary, and is actively helping in the crisis situation in Ukraine.
Annual Golf Day Coordinator Kevin Sharp updated the club that on Golf Day in the last 15 yrs, we had been running golf day of Ambrose, in groups of 4,  where all 4 players hit off at the tee, ‘drop off’ not very popular on the new players, so the committee had decided to convert it back, for better commission and to have more fun day.

Club Treasurer Ian Woollard had sent our Club donation of $1000 to Lismore flood appeal.  RC Lismore replied to pass on massive thanks to all members and sent assurance that well meaning members of community will benefit from our donation.  Ian also mentioned that he bumped into Richard McGavin of Westpac Helicopter who was very appreciative of our support and they are going to put the Rotary logo on the back of Westpac helicopter.  On another note, Ian also mentioned that Our Club sent a Thank you letter to Club Taree for letting us participate in the Community Raffle last Friday 11th March and to request to please consider us again in future club community raffle events.
14th March 2022 Guest Speaker:
LANCE FLETCHER on Thalidomide Babies
Lance is a Thalidomide baby and he had selflessly shared his life story for us to learn the horrors that this drug caused to thousands of babies back in the days when it was allowed a drug.
Lance's Rotary journey began when he was invited to the meeting of Rotary Club of Tuncurry-Forster to do a talk on Thalidomide.  Following that he also gave a talk at ProBus in front of 300 people in the room.
Thalidomide is or was a wonder drug - given to pregnant mothers to help them sleep,  and doctors back then ‘use it for anything’.  Lance's mom happened to use it for pregnancy morning sickness (unaware of the drug's adverse effects) - during which time the fetus (that would become a baby) was developing ears, face and nerves.  As a result Lance was born with deformities caused by thalidomide - he was born with no ears, he has a hole in jaw but missing then 6th and 8th nerve for eyes which then caused his eyes to go darting.  He had to wear glasses which proved to be a problem for someone with no ears to hold them so he had to have elastic band around his head!  Other thalidomide babies didnt develop spine - when their moms took the tablet at day 18-22, the other babies lost their limbs when the drug was taken at day 23-28.  After day 44 of pregnancy - the drug can no longer cause harm on the developing babies hence the other moms who took them didnt have any deformed babies. It took around 50 odd years before they linked all the deformities with the thalidomide drug!!!  
As an 8 yo child, Lance had undergone 6.5 hrs surgery to fix his  L ear canal that goes nowhere.  He was. born with 1 hole in heart, but at 7 yo he played soccer and it seemed that it helped because when they checked again, the hole in the heart had closed over.
Lance loved school but the bullying was dreadful.  It was only when the family moved to Forster where he found how it is to be treated as a human being.  The country people dont care how you look!  And this is where he met young lady, got married young, had 3 children in the process.
Lance lost his dad at age 38, it was his who who put him unashamedly out in the world, whereas his mom would cover his deformities.  Now as a fully functioning adult, we cannot see the effects but Lance still feel the pain of  numb fingers, numb toes some days he cannot function.  He had attended a World Conference in Germany on Thalidomide and found that the best thing to do for his pain - is moving!   
In 2008, his wife Lesley was instrumental in getting support for all Australian and New Zealanders affected by thalidomide in their childhood, 54 thalidomide survivors received $12,000 each from the drug company.  In 2013, more thalidomide survivors came forward and they filed a class action - consequently received a one-off compensation payment.
USA did not allow drug in back in those days hence only around 14 American thalidomide victims to their knowledge were affected.  Canada on the other hand, allowed entry of thalidomide in the country hence they had  119 victims of thalidomide.   There were around 100,000 babies who didnt make it to the world due to thalidomide, and around 50,000 were stillborn.
Back in Europe, there were around 100,000 babies born with deformities who were left to die - the health professionals put them on the floor to die because they did not have the heart to tell their parents of their deformed babies.  It was a disheartening to hear the story of parents being told their baby was born dead - when in fact, was alive and was born with severe deformities.  Lance however, is an inspiration as he has risen above the adversities - being the President of Rotary Club of Lower MidCoast and is now the new MidCoast Football Chairman!
Rotarians at Mamma Mia
on Sat night 12th of March
Thoroughly enjoyed the show and amazed at the performance
Mamma Mia - a must see in Taree!!!
Past President David Denning received the email below from Michael Rabey of Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin, his club provided us with our peace poles.  It is an invitation for any of our members to join this interesting zoom meeting on the 22nd of March.image
Dear David,
As an extension of our Rotary 100 Peace Pole project we have been able to arrange a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 22nd March at 8am AEST to hear from Rotarian Dr Ira Helfand from the USA.  Dr Helfand will provide an update on issues effecting Ukraine and the nuclear risks. See the Zoom link below.
You can see more about Dr Helfand at the other link below as well.
Please free to pass this information to your members and friends who you think may be interested to hear from Dr Helfand.
May Peace Prevail on Earth
Michael Rabey
Canberra Rotary Peace Bell
for the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin
Presentation to include:
- update on the War in Ukraine
- update on nuclear sites in Ukraine
- humanitarian consequences, world-wide, of a nuclear explosion or accident in Ukraine 
- what Rotary can DO to have maximum impact for Peace
- Resolution asking RI to endorse the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
- Steps to follow to support the Resolution 
- Q&A
- Dr Helfand is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and a member of the WE Rotary Club for International Peace
Michael Rabey and Helen Peacock are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Presentation on Ukraine
Time: Mar 22, 2022 8:00am AEDT
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 836 9806 3992
Passcode: 760883
One tap mobile
+12532158782,,83698063992#,,,,*760883# US (Tacoma)
+13017158592,,83698063992#,,,,*760883# US (Washington DC)
Dial by your location
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 836 9806 3992
Passcode: 760883
Find your local number:​​​​​​
Helen Peacock
Peace Chair, Rotary Club of Collingwood SGB
We meet for lunch at: The Commonwealth Club,   25 Forster Ave,    Yarralumla, ACT,
Thursdays, every week, 12:15pm for 12:30pm.
Warrick Howieson
Sue Lloyd
Club Website:
Canberra Peace Bell Website:
On behalf of our Rotary Club of Taree, this letter is to THANK ALL DONORS again for your generous donation and update you regarding the project you supported:  Adopt-an-Emergency Department in Kenya, registered as Rotary Australia World Community Service - RAWCS Project #61/2020-21.  The project is to fund the installation of an oxygen manifold system in the Emergency Department/s (aka Emergency Care Centres) in Kenya at $5,200 USD per oxygen manifold per facility.   This is essentially a stable low-technology plumbing system to provide basic oxygen, from storage bottles to multiple patient beds.
Currently, the project has raised almost enough funds for 3 oxygen manifolds ($5200usdx 3 considering the raised USD to AUD currency conversion, the goal is now $21,300AUD for the 3 manifolds), which the club is extremely grateful to all who supported. 
We are now in the second phase - applying for Rotary Global grant to match the funds so we can then provide 6 oxygen manifolds in total, instead of 3!  This is a very convoluted and painstaking process of back and forth communication between Kenyan Rotary Club and Kenyan Rotary District, The Rotary International Foundation and our club – but with the goal in mind of multiplying the funds so we can serve more county hospitals, we persevere and we remain optimistic that we will obtain the grant aiming for project implementation this year 2022!

Rest assured, that when we succeed with the Global Grant, we will update you once again and provide you with the news that your donated money had been well-spent and is serving the intended beneficiaries. 
There are still over 20 county hospitals awaiting oxygen manifold, if you know of anyone/other clubs/organizations who are interested to help – please direct them to make a tax-deductible online donation via this link:
Yours in Rotary,
Phil Streatfeild
Deputy RAWCS Project Manager
Dr Grace Maano                                                        
RAWCS Project Manager                                                                             


Message from President-Elect Grace Maano to all members of Rotary Club of Taree

In 3 month's time, from the first of July 2022 a new Rotary Year will commence with our new Board Leaders and in preparation for the year to come we had a meeting last Monday relishing the theme "Imagine Rotary"!

Today, I invite you all to put your 'creative hats' on and Imagine Rotary.... I invite you to send me your suggestions on what changes you want to see in our Club?  What exciting projects/activities do you want to continue/initiate?  What fellowship/vocational visits have we not done before?  Any Guest Speakers you want to hear from?  What can we do differently next Rotary year? How can we make our Rotary year more enjoyable while we continue what we do best - SERVICE ABOVE SELF? 
Rotary has 5 Avenues of Service - Club, Community, International, Vocational, Youth/New Generations.  Our strength is in our diverse interests and skills so  I invite you all to put your name down on what committee/avenue of service you would want to be involved in.  You can put your name down on more than one committee/avenue of service.  If you already head a particular project and happy to continue that role - it will be much appreciated! 
Please respond by email back to me on or before 2nd of April to give time for Board-Elect directors to call for Committee Meeting and formulate Strategic plan/budget for RY 2022-23.  Your board-elect will meet again on the 9th of May.
Thank you to all who already responded and thank you very much to:
1. John Roetman for taking up the role of Club Admin replacing Fr Peter Tinney 2021-22 and will continue doing the role for 2022-23
2. PP Ross Tingle who has accepted the role of Membership Director to replace Fiona for year 2021-22 and to continue doing the role for our year 2022-23
3. Treasurer Ian Woollard for accepting the role of Executive Secretary for year 2022-23
4. Warren Blanch who would continue to be our Fundraising Officer
5. Bruce Moy upcoming Assistant District Governor for 2022-23 who will be our lead Sergeant -at -arms training other members on a roster to be Sergeant at our Club meetings!
I look forward to lead the club....together, we can!!!
Imagine Rotary,
Mar 21, 2022
Conference Update & Bicentennial Gardens Project Update
Mar 28, 2022
Apr 04, 2022
Save the Kula Babies (RAWCS Project in Papua New Guinea)
Apr 11, 2022
Update from CEO of MSS
May 09, 2022
Conservation and Land Management
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Rotary District 9650 Conference at Port Macquarie
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Mar 18, 2022
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Round Up from District Conference
Mar 21, 2022
6:09 PM – 7:30 PM
RiverStage Concert in Taree - Volunteers needed
Mar 25, 2022
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment (RYPEN)
Apr 01, 2022 – Apr 03, 2022
Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
Apr 01, 2022 – Apr 03, 2022
Free Community BBQ at Muscio Park by MCC & Rotary
Apr 08, 2022
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
President-Elect Learning and Development, Port Mac
Apr 09, 2022 – Apr 10, 2022
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Club Taree
Apr 11, 2022
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
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Apr 18, 2022
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