Posted by Max Carey on Jun 20, 2019
Richard McGovern  from Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service thanked Rotary for its continued support.
Richard explained that Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service operated from three bases, Belmont, Tamworth and Lismore to cover Central and North Coast Region.
President Ian Woollard, Richard McGovern from Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and Kevin Sharp
Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service has a fleet of four AW 139 dual motor helicopters set up to act as emergency facility to treat patients on board. Doctor and Nurse on board.
Have been a number of rescues and pick ups in our area recently. Patients are not charged and service is dependant on support of many organisations.
A further donation was made to Tracey Laidlaw from  the Paediatric Ward at Manning Base Hospital. Children from babies to sixteen years old are treated in  this ward.
Many improvements are being made to this facility including Special Care Nursery to treat very young babies and make the area more user friendly.
Treatment rooms being decorated in brighter colours to get away from old basic hospital colours.
Psycholgical services are being provided to assist with children who have behaviour problems.
Improved Clinical management enables children to have shorter stays in hospital
President Ian thanked speakers for their interesting and informative talks.
President Ian Woollard, Anna McDermott, Tracey Laidlaw from  the Childrens Ward, Manning Base Hospital, Kevin Sharp, Chairman Golf Day that  provided  money for  these donations.