Posted by Peter Tinney on Sep 29, 2019
Dr Colin Rose was pleased to introduce three keen participants in the Rotary Public Speaking Competition, Tegan Hinshelwood, Paige Fitzalan and Adrian Bickerstaff from Manning Valley Anglican College.
We met at Club Taree. President Ross opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Ross proposed a toast to Murray Difford for all ongoing hard work on the Battery Muster. He introduced the 3 Public Speaking contestants from Manning Valley Anglican College -Tegan Hinshelwood, Paige Fitzalan and Adrian Bickerstaff, who were accompanied by Deputy Principal Mr Andrew Jones. He also welcomed Paige’s Mum Camilla and sister Regan. Outgoing Rotary Exchange Student Annika Stanic was welcomed along with her Mum Belinda.
David Denning reminded us that staff would be needed for a Bunnings BBQ on 27 October.
Di Woollard informed us that our Rotary shirts are here for pickup and payment. She also promoted the Cluster Fundraiser for Polio Plus, “Ride like a Girl”.
Phil Streatfeild introduced Annika who then provided a brief presentation about preparations for her Exchange to Taiwan. Annika leaves on 17 January 2020.
Bruce Moy our Sergeant at Arms conducted a fines session, as efficiently as Robin Hood. We were advised about the Midcoast Council Photo Competition, and Murray Difford asked for letters of support by Wednesday for the Funding application for the proposed Rotary Shed.
Public Speaking Competition – Following an introduction by Dr Col, the adjudicators Robert Weller and Phil Streatfeild proceeded to judge the 3 speakers. Tegan spoke about the impending extinction of the Numbat. Paige’s presentation focussed on the impacts of drought on communities and farmers. Adrian addressed us on the threats posed by policies of privatisation. Mr Weller gave pointers and encouragements about developing and improving Public Speaking skills and their importance in our professional and personal lives. He went on to announce that after much discussion Paige Fitzalan was the winner for the evening and would move forward to the next stage of the competition.